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Documentary Wedding Photography

December, 2018


A few weeks ago, I was contacted by "Tallulah Goodtimes" for a second time! Tallulah found here is an Electro-Swing D.J, Singer and Songwriter, based in East Anglia. Of course, I jumped at the chance of working with her again, what a treat! So, I organised and packed my kit/equipment up and made my way to Two Temple Place in London for the "Rhythm & Reaction" Jazz Exhibition where Tallulah was going to be playing!

The Exhibition at Two Temple Place marked 100 years of Jazz in the U.K. and was in partnership with “The Arts Society”. The space exhibited the impact that jazz had had on Briton from the year of 1918.

“Rhythm & Reaction: The Age of Jazz in Britain highlighted how the new Jazz sound in post-War nightclubs and dancehalls provided exciting and dynamic material for British artists – displaying bold depictions of lively dancers by William Roberts and Frank Dobson, alongside the Harlem-inspired paintings for which Edward Burra, one of Britain’s foremost Modernist painters, was well-known.

The growing interest in Jazz brought black and white musicians, artists and audiences together, and was crucial in influencing changes in British society, moving from stereotypes descended from the minstrel show to a more nuanced understanding of and interest in African American and Black British culture.

The exhibition brought together painting, prints, cartoons, textiles and ceramics, moving film, instruments and the all-important Jazz sound, to explicitly examine the influence of Jazz on British art, design and wider society.

It was produced by The Bulldog Trust in partnership with The Arts Society.”

“The exhibition was curated by Catherine Tackley, Professor and Head of Music at the University of Liverpool and one of the UK’s leading authorities on Jazz.”

With all of this in mind, and a visual scene now created of this wonderful night, (that I had the pleasure of photographing), you really can see why Tallulah’s beautiful "Electro-Swing Style" fit perfectly with this exhibition and set the perfect “evening Art Exhibition” tone.

Two Temple Place is an utterly breathtaking building and a beautiful place for such a stunning Exhibition. People mingled, read, observed and had a good ‘old boogie (with the help of Tallulah Goodtimes, of course!) It was a joy to photograph and experience of a winter friday evening in London.

That’s what I love about London so much, coming from the sleepy town of Surrey, (where, when it gets dark at 4pm of a December evening, the curtains are drawn!) London is always buzzing with opportunities and experiences to be had and shared! I was lucky to return, from a night of fun, to my quiet bedroom in the rural British countryside, so I really do get to experience the best of both worlds!

Shooting for an Art Exhibition can be tricky in terms of photographing the public and the rights to the images, but with thought and consideration we managed to work it out. I always discuss nitty-gritty details like this, extremely thoroughly, with my employer before shooting ANY event. Thank you for having me – it was a joy to be a part of. If you’re after an event photographer, please do get in touch here.

For my previous shoot with "Tallulah Goodtimes" please follow this link.

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