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Documentary Wedding Photography

August, 2019


 Following on from my previous blog post, about how much I love to capture families/couples in the lavender fields in August, (see here), I wanted to show a few more gorgeous images, that I captured there (at Mayfield Lavender) but, this time, for a business!

I met with Millie Jane Franks, an R'n'B/soul singer & songwriter, as she was after some new branding images for her website and social media platforms. I absolutely love capturing businesses and brands naturally at their place of work, or just in their element doing their “thing”. Furthermore, I can highly recommend “branding photography” for any business that wishes to have a full, current, engaging and professional looking set of images, for all of their online platforms.

Millie and I discussed the styles, poses and general aesthetic that she was after, in depth, and the lavender fields felt like the perfect fit. Mayfield, with its beautiful, natural and above all, individual feel, was just what we needed to capture the essence of Millie Jane Franks and her business!

This all got me thinking, my "how-tos" seem to go down really well, and about a year (or so) ago, “branding photography” was a relatively new concept to me too! So, I thought, why not create a guide for any business wondering if “branding photography” is an investment worth making for them?!

Reasons why personal branding photography can help YOUR business…

  • First impressions – If something is presented well, it creates confidence for a consumer/client. People form first impressions in an instant, and if your content is high quality and has a great aesthetic, it’ll help capture potential clients. People will appreciate your attention to detail, too!

  • Engagement – Visual content is where it’s at, Facebook posts from brands that included images earned 87% of all engagements”, “...tweets with images receive 150% more retweets than tweets without images; articles with an image once every 75-100 words received double the social media shares as articles with fewer images; Facebook posts with images see 2.3X more engagement than those without images.”  And if your images are professional and good quality, you’re winning!

  • Consistency – If you’re building a brand and your business card, logo, font etc all match (for example), the photography needs to too. Matching visual elements are vital in maintaining brand consistency. “Brands that are consistently presented are 3 to 4 times more likely to experience brand visibility, and 90% of consumers expect their experience to be consistent across all channels and devices used to interact with brands.”

You might be able to find "Stock Images", but of course other people can find those too, they are great from time to time, but having a unique set of photos that really define you and your business is key, a big part of it is basically about... the person behind the business after all!

I had SO much fun working with Millie, and it felt utterly wonderful to be able to get her the shots that she loved and will use everywhere to reflect her business at the level that it deserves!

If you’re interested in booking a branding photoshoot, please look here for more details.

For my next blog post, please click here.

Personal Branding Shoot in Surrey
Personal Branding Shoot in the Lavender
Personal Branding Shoot Mayfield Lavender
Branding Photography in Surrey
Branding Photography at Mayfield Lavender
Branding Photography with a Musician
Branding Photography with a Musician in Surrey
Branding Photography with a Musician at Mayfield Lavdener
Lavender Shoot
Lavender Branding Shoot at Mayfield Lavender
Personal Branding Photography at Mayfield Lavender
Relaxed Branding photography in the Lavender
Relaxed Branding Photography at Mayfield Lavender
Documentary Branding Photography
Documentary Branding Photography in Surrey
Documentary Branding Photography at Mayfield Lavender
Documentary Branding Photography in the u.k in Summer
Lavender Photography
Lavender Photography in Surrey


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