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B E H I N D  T H E  L E N S

Hey, I'm Meg...

Every Wedding I have ever photographed, I've absolutely loved. I've listened to some hilarious and charming speeches, shared many utterly heart-warming moments and witnessed some epic dance moves. I always leave on such a high, and that energy genuinely stays with me for many days afterward. Being surrounded by bountiful amounts of joy, fun and love is absolutely wonderful and totally infectious. 

I really do feel like I have the best job in the world. The most amazing part is that I get to be the storyteller to so many beautiful occasions, where everyone you love is all together in one room - it honestly doesn't get much better than that. Creating imagery that in time will only grow in sentiment, is the most rewarding & humbling part of my job. 

Getting to know my couples, in the way that I do, enables me to capture them at their absolute best and most authentic selves and makes it possible to produce photographs full of raw emotions, personality and soul.  It's so important to me to shoot honest and artistic images and my editorial tones follow a natural, and romantic approach.

My photographic journey started at around the age of 10, when I was given my first digital camera (thanks Dad) and I was captivated immediately.

Megan McAdam Photography Behind The Lens

Before becoming a Wedding Photographer, I used to work at a retouching firm, which got my foot in the door and my time spent there was utterly invaluable and eventually led me to chasing my dreams, running Megan McAdam Photography!

I'm a 90s baby and myself and my better half, Adam, live in Clevedon, a beautiful seaside town in North Somerset, close to Bath & Bristol. 


I grew up in Surrey, where my family are based and it will always have a special place in my heart. I'm back there all the time for weddings too!

Those close to me have described me as rather chatty, gentle, caring, and someone who puts absolutely everything into what they do (I know I have wonderful friends, right?!).

I have a soft spot for beautiful light, nature and exploring new places. In our early 20s Adam and I went travelling around Europe and it was absolutely unforgettable. In fact the photo above was taken on our first night in Croatia, and I think it's the most relaxed I've ever been.

As of March 2022, Adam proposed to me on our 13-year anniversary in the Peak District (see left). I can't believe he set up a tripod for "some nice pics" and I didn't even twig! I can honestly say that since the proposal, oh my goodness do I have a new-found respect for my couples, especially when it comes to all the Wedding Planning,  but folks, I got you!

Leaf Background Nature Photography

A   F E W   W I S E   W O R D S

There are definitely two key points to remember when trying to decide on the right photographer for you.


  • The Photographs - You want to book someone whose work makes you say “I want our Photographs to look like  this!”.


  • The Photographer As I always say, relaxed Photographs make for the best images, so it’s definitely worth picking someone whom you feel calm and yourself with and who you can imagine mingling and fitting in with your family and friends (this is why I always like to open up the lines of communication a.s.a.p. with my beautiful couples!)

10   W A Y S   TO   B E S T   D E S C R I B E   M Y   W O R K...

Relaxed Bride & Bridesmaids



A   F E W   K I N D   W O R D S

"We had our pre wedding shoot with Megan last month. It was a great opportunity as a practice run for the wedding, for us all to work together and to see her style in action. The shoot was very relaxed, fun and competent, she captured such beautiful moments. It has filled us with enormous confidence in Megan for our big day and has taken away any worries I may have had otherwise. We highly recommend Megan." Sarah & Craig


"Honestly one of the loveliest people to work with. Takes incredible photos, brilliant direction and ideas and also helps you feel very relaxed and confident! Thank you Meg X" - Millie

"Meg was an absolute joy to work with. She captured such truly, beautiful images for us. I was delighted with the photos and still get compliments about them to this day. Meg is also so lovely, relaxed and witty, we clicked when we met. I loved working with her. Meg captures such wonderful images and takes time to include all the beautiful details. I would highly recommend Meg to capture your special moments, a truly talented photographer. Thanks again Meg, you are fab!" - Natasha

Megan McAdam Photography With Family
Megan McAdam Photography Clevedon Pier Photographer Behind The Scenes
Megan McAdam Photography With Other Half Adam

When I'm not photographing wonderful people, I'm usually up at sunrise exploring the world with my camera, walking on the beach & sunning my face (I feel so lucky to live near the sea), nattering whilst sipping a sweet cup of tea, cooing at Dachshunds, on Pinterest searching for any recipe containing chocolate, making a new list and planning my next adventure with my loved ones.

(*see above... Exploring Mallorca with lovely Mum & Croatia with my Adam). 

If you're looking for a photographer with warmth who absolutely adores being surrounded by love, lives and breathes Weddings & Photography and wants to work with you to get YOU images you'll treasure and memories you'll relive for years to come... then you're in the right place. This is so much more than business and I feel so very fortune to do what I do.

Now you've heard a bit about me, I'd love to hear from you. Feel free to click here to get in touch, have a natter and see if I'm available for your date.

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I S   T H I S   Y O U?

  • You have a tendency to be a tiny bit camera shy

  • You know you want a few gorgeous shots, but you don’t want to spend hours getting them

  • You want a photographer that really cares about you & who will go that extra mile

  • You want all of those natural, heart-warming and personal moments captured, from the big laughs right down to those tiny details

Megan McAdam Photography Childhood Dreams

30th June 2005 - Childhood dreams