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Leaf Background Photography

I S   T H I S   Y O U?

  • You have a tendency to be a tiny bit camera shy

  • You know you want a few gorgeous shots, but you don’t want to spend hours getting them

  • You want a photographer that really cares about you & who will go that extra mile

  • You want all of those natural, heart-warming and personal moments captured, from the big laughs right down to those tiny details


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Leaf Background Photography

A   F E W   W I S E   W O R D S

There are definitely two key points to remember when trying to decide on the right photographer for you.


  • The Photographs - You want to book someone whose work makes you say, “I want our photographs to look like  this!”.


  • The Photographer As I always say, relaxed photographs make for the best images, so it’s definitely worth picking someone whom you feel calm and yourself with and who you can imagine mingling and fitting in with your family and friends (this is why I always like to open up the lines of communication a.s.a.p. with my beautiful couples!)