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October, 2018


I absolutely love this time of year. There really is something so beautiful about the smells, the sounds, the fallen leaves, the colours, the fresh walks and of course, there’s all the Halloween celebrations to look forward to too!

Here in the U.K. "Half-Term" falls around the same time as Halloween is celebrated, therefore making “Pumpkin Picking” the perfect seasonal half-term activity for the children (and adults)! Traditionally drawn on to ward off evil spirits, carving pumpkins is now taken very seriously as a wonderful creative craft activity and is growing evermore popular.

It is always an absolute joy to capture the kid’s excitement when picking their own pumpkin in which to carve their wonderful creations, letting their imaginations run wild (or butchering them as one mum put it!).

As a family photographer, the most important thing, in order to aid my ability to capture special moments at your family photography shoot, is that all family members best prep themselves for their family photography sessions (please see below for my tip tips on this). It's a gorgeous excuse for a family gathering, where I can create perfect gifts that will tell your family story and last a lifetime. These natural images can be turned into art prints from your portrait session that reflect the perfect location for you, filled with memories with your family members and family portraits/family photographs of you all having a great family time at your portrait session.


Outdoor photography is often preferred for portraits because it offers a more natural and relaxed setting. The beautiful scenery and natural light can enhance the overall aesthetics of the photos, while also providing more space for family members to move around and interact with each other. 

November can be a hard month to navigate, weather wise, and us Brits are all about those layers, so I wanted to give "5 tips on what to bring to your family session”, with a slight winter twist, (but if you live in England, it’ll be useful to incorporate this all year round!), to avoid being caught out and to allow you to get the most out of your pumpkin picking photography session…

  • Comfy Shoes – It may seem obvious, but it’s an absolute must! We may have to walk a little to get to the most photographic spot, it’s been very busy some years, so it’s worth allowing a little extra time, and some supportive footwear to get you the shots you deserve.

  • Snacks – Okay, so this may be a little dependent on the age of your little ones but if they aren’t in the right mood, didn’t sleep well, are cold… (the list goes on!) it’s worth having a potential bribe to get those genuine smiles in your photographs.

  • Change of Clothes – This one goes hand in hand with no.1. It can get very muddy in those fields and if the kids are running around all excited, little trips and bumps can easily happen, to avoid this, have a think about your options… a cute coat could be layered under a nice jumper or waterproof trousers over other lovely trousers for example, (as long as they aren’t overheating!) it’s worth thinking about how you could use extra clothes to settle any mishaps that may happen!

  • Weather Proof Items – And of course it goes without saying that wellies, a brolly (I usually bring one or two), etc etc etc… we don’t have to stop the shoot if it’s raining… we just have to be prepared!

And finally...

  • Your Comforts – Alternative to and/or as well as no.2., if your children need a comfort blanket of some sorts (this will usually go out the window 5 minutes into the shoot, when they’ve settled) get creative, a Halloween themed toy, something that will go colour wise, an umbrella, a basket (I usually bring one of these too), etc., just remember to see it as a prop that can be used to your advantage… it’s better than taking anything away that may cause sad faces!

I can’t wait for next year’s Pumpkin sessions!

Please feel free to get in touch today if you fancy a chat, my family photography packages can be found here, why not see if I could be the perfect family photographer for you?

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