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Documentary Wedding Photography

December, 2018


“It’s the most magical time of the year" and for me, this saying sings so true. I’m a bit of a sucker for sending out my Christmas cards as early as is socially accepted (or maybe even before this point) see here, I really do channel my inner Pam on this one, sorry!

With this in mind, late November/early December really are brilliant times to start thinking about getting the loved ones together for a wonderful “Christmas mini shoot” and potentially using your lovely images for your Christmas cards too! With such an extremely busy lead up to Christmas, with many thoughts floating through the heads of all (probably rather tired) parents, I wanted to make a quick and easy tip list for how you and your family can prep for your shoot with me and to make it as fun and as enjoyable as putting up the tree, icing the gingerbread house or any other joyous family traditions that you love sharing together…


As a family photographer, the most important thing, in order to aid my ability to capture special moments at your family photography shoot, is that all family members best prep themselves for their family photography session (see below for my top tips on this). It's a gorgeous excuse for a family gathering, where I can create perfect gifts that will tell your family story and last a lifetime. These natural images can be turned into art prints from your portrait session that reflect the perfect location for you, filled with memories with your family members and family portraits/family photographs of you all having a great family time at your portrait session

So, here are my 5 tips on...How to prep for your family photoshoot with (me) Megan McAdam Photography…

  • Groom – Have a think about anything you feel you may want to get done or that you’d touch up before seeing the family over Christmas (getting a haircut, removing any chipped nail polish, etc.). These simple touches will make your photographs look super smart, and you’ll feel really confident too – which is so important!

  • Outfits – You don’t want to wait until the last day for this one, trust me! You want to wake up feeling relaxed and prepared, so plan these details out early. Feel free to ask me my opinion, or you can always send photos of your wardrobe if you’re having a hard time choosing! You don’t have to be in all matching, but we can discuss complementary colours if you so wish, I’m honestly happy to help. It’s also always great to have a few weather dependent options, if possible, and for the kids too!

  • Discussion - Make sure you’ve communicated with your family about what’s going to happen, but keep it light, “We are going to the woods for a walk, and there will be a Christmas set up there, so we can have a play too”… for example, casual, fun and relaxed subjects make for the best photographs, as I always say!

  • Inspiration – Think of any props, family keepsakes or traditions (you can check Pinterest for inspiration on this) that you’d love to have within your photos. I always bring lots of props, so if there aren’t any, that’s okay too! One year, a family I worked with, brought their fun Christmas dress-up hats and, although they weren’t featured in all the images, it was great fun, and I was able to capture some real belly laughing moments, a real win-win! Have a brainstorm and feel free to run it past me or ask for advice, if needed.

  • Self-Care – And of course (along with no 1.) try to make sure everyone gets a great night’s sleep and eats a good meal beforehand; you all want to be feeling your best and the confidence will shine through in your images!

I absolutely love capturing beautiful families at this time of the year! I’m already looking forward to next years (yes, I know, I’m keen!).

When I capture these family photos, I provide documentary family photography from your photoshoot, and send an online gallery of high quality previews to for you to pick your favourite photos that represent your family shoot in a way that's true to you!

Please feel free to get in touch today if you fancy a chat, my family photography packages can be found here, why not see if I could be the perfect family photographer for you?

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