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Documentary Wedding Photography

October, 2018


Birthday parties are a wonderful way to get the whole family together to enjoy each other’s company, to celebrate, decorate, eat cake and delicious treats and of course, to open a present or two! And for a first Birthday party, this is made somewhat even MORE of an occasion to remember, as it is in fact...the first one!


I’ve definitely heard a few comments here and there over the years, stating that a first Birthday party “isn’t always needed” or that the baby has “no idea why everyone is there” but that really doesn’t matter. What matters is how a baby feels, they’ll be spoilt with love and attention and pick up on all the excitement throughout their day, and that is really important! Not only this, but parents need to celebrate one whole year of making it too! When guests arrive it all comes together, the people assembled at the party were instrumental in helping to raise that child, and what an important thing to have photographed!


Why hiring a professional photographer for a first Birthday is so important…


  • Time – Hosting a party, whilst also socialising with everyone that has travelled near and far to be there, is going to be a little hectic at the best of times… without the added pressure of having to try and photograph it all as well!

  • Company – There is the option of asking a friend to help with the photographs, but they probably want to enjoy the party too! There’s obviously the risk of blurry images as well (especially if bubbly is involved!). A professional photographers’ only goal at any celebratory event, is to capture amazing moments for you all – let them do the hard work!

  • Memories – A bit of a part b) to no.1. – Having professional photographs taken will not only allow your family to have beautiful memories, for you all to look back on for years and years to come, but will also allow you to be present in every moment, (whilst there and whilst looking back at the photos - even if at the time you felt frantic and weren’t even in the room!).

Ultimately, not only will you want to remember what the day felt like, and photographs are great anchors for this too (thinking “aw that cake, remember Grandma made that” for example!), but you’ll want your little one, who won’t remember from the time, to be able to see them too! Having every single detail captured, the laugh out loud moments, the décor, the food, the drinks and the atmosphere, that you all created, is definitely worth investing in.


Meg took pictures at my little one's first birthday party. She came early whilst we were setting up to take pictures of decorations and to get some shots of him before everyone arrived. It was really lovely to have this time with her before everything got chaotic! We could hardly tell she was even taking pictures, so she got beautiful, natural photos that are a lovely way to document such a special occasion. Thank you so much xxx”Katie.


It was an absolute pleasure to photograph little Eli’s first Birthday, and an absolute privilege to be a part of such a special occasion, capturing those memories for such a kind and beautiful family.


If you’re in need of a Birthday photographer then please follow this link for more details or get in touch here to have a chat.

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