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May, 2018


There are more than a few reasons why I absolutely love a Beach Wedding and/or Couple Portraits on a Beach. Not only can Beach Weddings be better value for money, but they fulfil the need to break away from tradition! Rather than choosing a romantic City landmark or epic Mountain Backdrop for your Wedding Day why not contemplate kicking off your shoes and giving way to temptation by saying your vows on the Beach?! While tradition may call for many Couples to get married in a Church or on the grounds of a Country Estate; hosting your Ceremony on a Beach offers the chance to let go of tradition and do something completely different.

Here are 5 reasons why I love Beach Weddings…

  • Venue View - One of the best reasons to get Married on a Beach is, simply the view, with the shimmering ocean, waves breaking merely a few meters from you, the soft sands under your feet, the scent of salt in the air and the sea breeze caressing your face while your eyes light up against a blue horizon dotted with cotton clouds, Beach Weddings truly are a visual treat that very few Wedding Venues anywhere will be able to match!

  • Value for money - If you choose to have a Beach Wedding, then you won’t have to worry about spending a lot of money on the decorations. The natural beauty that the Beach provides will be your decorations (although if you are in need of any special touches as *seen below - "Soriee Events" can sort you right out!).

  • Your Photographer/Memories Will Thank You - Such a stunning setting will provide plenty of inspiration for your Photographer to capture the Photographs you will treasure forever!

  • Sunset - There's nothing quite as dreamy as the wide expanse of the ocean as your Ceremony backdrop, especially during a dazzling violet “Sea Sunset!”

  • Relaxed - An informal Beach setting provides the perfect place to be soothed by a gentle sea breeze and waves lapping lazily on the shore. If formal events aren’t really your thing, the Beach also offers the perfect excuse to drop all the “Bells and Whistles” and to ditch the tailored trousers and bow tie, and Wed in more informal attire with the sand between your toes (yes you heard right, your heels can be left at home too, giving your feet a great excuse to dance - a little longer!). Your outfits can still remain chic as comfort becomes achievable with softer fabrics being favoured over stuffier materials. If you have invited any little ones to your special day, the Beach also provides an expansive playground for them to enjoy rather than them potentially feeling a little constrained inside a Reception Room! Many Couples may think that if they have a Beach Wedding, they might be sacrificing an elegant Wedding Day, but this simply isn’t true. Beach Weddings can be as elegant and as sophisticated as you choose. Beaches automatically set the stage for a laid-back ambiance and intimate vibe so if this sounds like you, it’s worth considering!

Of course, there are a few factors you'll want to take into consideration to perfect your Big Day on the Beach. As with any outdoor Wedding, you should keep a close eye on the weather, including the wind, which is stronger near the coastline and a few other details. I so enjoyed Photographing these very different days at Wittering Beach & Brighton Beach (both on the South East Coast of England) and I couldn’t have created them without my beautiful Couples and wonderful Suppliers…

With special thanks to:

Photography: Me

Florals: Bella Poppy Flower Design

Jewellery: Beck’s Boutique

Dress: Love From Becky

Suit: Vintage

Drinks Cart & Accessories: Soirée Events

Make up & Hair: Amie Boux Beauty

Accessories: Rachel Sokhal Bridal

Floral Arch: K Kraft Events

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Couple Portraits by Old Brighton Pier
Couple Portraits at Brighton Band Stand
Couple Portraits at Brighton Pier
Couple Portraits at Brighton Beach
Relaxed Couple Portraits at Brighton Beach
Romantic Couple Portraits at Brighton Beach
Documentary Couple Portraits at Brighton Beach
Couple Portraits by "I Love You Graffiti"
Spring Couple Portraits by "I Love You Graffiti"
Relaxed Couple Portraits by "I Love You Graffiti"
Couple Portraits under Brighton Pier
Romantic Couple Portraits under Brighton Pier
Brighton Wedding
Brighton Pier Wedding Portraits
Relaxed Seaside Couple Portraits
Romantic Seaside Couple Portraits
Documentary Seaside Couple Portraits
Sweet Seaside Couple Portraits
Beach Wedding Details
Beach Wedding Sign
Beach Wedding Florals
Beach Wedding Drinks Cart
Summer Beach Wedding Drinks Cart
Relaxed Beach Wedding Drinks Cart
Beach Wedding Drinks Cart in Wittering
Beach Wedding Drinks Cart at West Wittering Beach
Stunning Ladder for Beach Wedding
Stunning Ladder for Beach Wedding in Wittering
Bridal Beach Portraits
Relaxed Bridal Beach Portraits
Documentary Bridal Beach Portraits
Beach Bride Portraits
Beach Bride Relaxed Portraits
Floral Arch Bridal Portraits
Floral Arch Relaxed Bridal Portraits
Stunning Floral Arch Bridal Portraits
Relaxed Bridal Portraits by the Sea
Relaxed Bridal Portraits by the Sea at West Wittering
Relaxed Bridal Portraits at West Wittering
Stunning Bridal Shots at the Beach
Relaxed Bridal Shots at the Beach
Beautiful Bridal Shots at the Beach
Carefree Beach Bride
Summer Beach Bride
Beach Wedding Jewellery
Beach Wedding in U.K.
Beach Wedding in U.K. Bridal Portraits
Beach Wedding in U.K. Relaxed Bridal Portraits
Beach Wedding Hair


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