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In August, I was invited to a capture images at a stunning new wedding venue - The Fallow Barn & Georgian Water Gardens, located on Slades Farm in the gorgeous village of Bramley, Surrey. The barn and courtyard are surrounded by picturesque countryside, woodlands, waterfalls and a lake.

Perfect for a couple who love the outdoors, relaxed Boho vibes and stunning classic English country houses.

​Suitable for up to 250 guests with on-site accommodation for up to 14 guests, there are endless options for your event needs: camping, punting on the lake, a wedding marquee - you can even bring your own horse to stay. “A fairy-tale” to “festival” themed outdoor English wedding - anything is possible, and it’s wonderful for newly engaged couples who want a bit of flexibility and the ability to customise their day, with ample space and a beautiful backdrop in which to do it.

I tend to zoom in for a lot of my shots to “fill the frame”, I can still keep my distance whilst doing this, but I just love the intimate feel this gives to my wedding portraits. Interestingly though, when shooting at this venue, I actually took more "wide-Angle Shots" than I normally would, because everything in the background was just so exquisite! It was nice, as a wedding photographer, to be able to frame every shot with such a wonderful backdrop that photographed so well. With beautiful landscapes from afar and little, beautiful hidden nooks, there were copious amounts of opportunities to capture wonderful wedding photos.

I’m always happy for my couples to send me a Pinterest board for inspiration on posing that the two of them like, (especially for their couple), I really get to know their comfort levels.

Since I always recommend a pre wed shoot/engagement session, (even better if it's possible for this to take place within a couples' chosen wedding venue grounds!) ...this also means that not only do I know what sort of posing my couples will be comfortable with, meaning their wedding photographs really reflect them, but also exactly where they’d like them to be taken on their wedding day.  

Teamed with my wedding planning photography booklet, where I ask the timings of your day, (amongst many other things) I’ll know what to shoot, how to shoot it and when! Allowing you both to sit back and relax, knowing that your wedding photography is something you don’t need to think twice about.

Relaxed photographs are the BEST photographs, as I always say.

I’m really looking forward to shooting at this superb venue again soon. Set in the heart of Surrey, known as an “Area of outstanding natural beauty” – this definitely falls into that category. Perfect for relaxed couples who love the outdoors, it’s going to be a popular one. It has the perfect intimate country house feel whilst remaining quietly & modestly grand and individual.

Whilst photographing at this wonderful venue, I met knowledgeable and talented suppliers...

Laura King Make - up

Ali's Vintage

Tents N Events

Finding the right wedding photographer who will capture all of those magical moments and timeless images is so important!

 Please feel free to get in touch today if you fancy a chat, my wedding photography packages can be found here, why not see if I could be the perfect wedding photographer for you and to find out if we could make an incredible team?!

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Documentary Wedding Photography

August, 2018

Intimate Outdoor Surrey Wedding Photography
Relaxed Outdoor Surrey Wedding Photography
Natural Outdoor Surrey Wedding Photography
Candid Outdoor Surrey Wedding Photography
Romantic Outdoor Surrey Wedding Photography
Documentary Outdoor Surrey Wedding Photography
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Relaxed Outdoor Wedding Photography in Surrey
Natural Outdoor Wedding Photography in Surrey
Documentary Outdoor Wedding Photography in Surrey
Candid Outdoor Wedding Photography in Surrey
Romantic Outdoor Wedding Photography in Surrey
Intimate Outdoor Wedding Photography in Surrey
Outdoor Wedding Photographer in Surrey
Relaxed Outdoor Wedding Photographer in Surrey
Natural Outdoor Wedding Photographer in Surrey
Documentary Outdoor Wedding Photographer in Surrey


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