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Documentary Wedding Photography

July, 2023

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There are very few things I enjoy shooting more than Tipi wedding photography. The atmosphere, especially late into the night on the dance floor, is like no other type of venue, and this wedding was SUCH a special day. Every single case of my Tipi wedding photography has had the craziest, most fantastic evening party, there's just something about them that's hard to beat, and it’s always such good fun!


Tipi wedding photography offers a unique setting that blends nature with celebration, creating truly stunning visuals. Challenges include lighting control and space constraints, but the advantages lie in capturing intimate moments in a picturesque backdrop, resulting in truly memorable and enchanting wedding photographs.

Wedding Tipis are beautifully intimate, whilst they’re not the easiest thing in the world to shoot in and often need some lighting “tweakments”, (to stop everyone from turning slightly orange in the pictures from the sunlight coming through the canvas) my experience of regular Tipi wedding photography, often gives me a welcome advantage and makes me very comfortable shooting in them.

I struggle to put into words just how special Jake & Jack’s wedding was but hopefully the photos will do it justice – but suffice to say that everything was absolutely right about their day in terms of what an awesome wedding should be. There was an electricity in the air from start to finish, making it a celebration with too many memorable moments and touches to mention! To pick out but a few: epic breakfast and morning vibes at prep, a romantic first look that was totally adorable, a beautiful outdoor humanist ceremony in the gorgeous summer sun (featuring the most gorgeous and proud little flower girl aisle walk I’ve ever seen), epic confetti shots, heartfelt speeches, dreamy golden hour couple portraits AND epic dancing to Taylor Swift, long into the night. Perhaps one of my favourite’s moments though… was a little surprise from the Maid of Honour who had made a personal memory book for the couple to enjoy… A full on goose bump moment for sure!

Jake & Jack’s Tipi Wedding Photography was captured on Jack’s Parent's house and land, which had plenty of space for everyone, as well as all of the other wedding-related decorations that were hired to make this wedding superb (erm, hello bouncy castle?!). The attention to detail on this wedding was off the scale!

One thing about this wedding that automatically stands out is how colourful and full of sunshine, happiness and love it was! This was an incredibly fun wedding to shoot, especially all of Jake & Jack’s friends, who were all crazy-cool! Jake & Jack were such lovely people to work with and they both really got stuck into the atmosphere and fun of the whole day, especially on the foam wrestling, even if they did fall off a few times! Things like this really encourage people to relax more at weddings, and as a photographer who is trying to capture fun and laughter in a candid way, the vibes were totally spot on and epic.

These guys also hired an incredible DJ to play for their evening, which is an absolute must at weddings! There’s nothing quite like a DJ who’s so talented to truly ignite the dance floor and keep it busy all evening! In fact – I thought he did SUCH a fab job, we booked him for our own wedding too!

It was an absolutely phenomenal outdoor wedding with the most gorgeous pair, inside and out! Their wedding ideas were spot on, creating the most gorgeous wedding day & outdoor wedding ceremony. Jake & Jack celebrated their wedding reception with their closest friends, and their wedding guests had so much fun/THE best time at this relaxed wedding. Even for the UK, the couple had stunning weather for their outdoor ceremony and used their parents land in the most perfect way. Jack's mum was an incredible wrangler throughout, aiding my ability to take the perfect opportunity for many family photos. Thanks for having me, you two! This epic informal wedding was one of my absolute favourites to capture!

Finding the right wedding photographer who will capture all of those magical moments and timeless images is so important!

 Please feel free to get in touch today if you fancy a chat, my wedding photography packages can be found here, why not see if I could be the perfect wedding photographer for you and to find out if we could make an incredible team, I'd love to hear all about your wedding planning!

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