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Documentary Wedding Photography

July, 2021


Brogan & Josh first got in touch earlier this year. I actually used to work with Brogan at a previous job YEARS ago where she was an utter angel showing me the ropes, anyway, needless to say we kept in touch (which is always so special isn’t it!?) and we had a natter when the couple first got engaged and things naturally progressed from there really!

Having booked in a winter wedding with me, this lovely couple wanted to take full advance of my new packages that have an "Optional Pre Wed-Shoot" included in the total price (see here). Having posted quite a bit on social media of where I’m based, here in Clevedon, the couple liked the look of it SO much, that they decided to come here for a summer sunset engagement session – how lucky am I?!

Pre-wedding shoots are absolutely fantastic if you’d like to have some incredible photos of yourselves in the lead up to your wedding day. Couples sometimes choose to have a pre-wed shoot (otherwise known as an engagement shoot) because they may be feeling a little apprehensive about having their photos taken and would like some practice in the lead up to their special day, to feel comfortable and to feel confident being in front of the camera – which is totally normal, and I’d actually recommend EVERY engaged couple doing where possible!

Within minutes, I think it’s fair to say that people quickly realise that they have absolutely nothing to worry about and that having your photograph taken by me requires little to no effort on your part! Fingers crossed you’ll actually have a ton of fun and giggles and maybe even leave the shoot feeling a tiny bit loved up too! They’re genuinely a great opportunity for us all to get to know each other better, so that you can feel utterly relaxed with me on your wedding day and I won’t feel like a stranger to anyone, which is really important as I’ll be capturing such personal and memorable moments. Of course, we’ll have online chats/emails and/or meet up in person where possible, as standard, which will definitely help with this, but a little extra time spent together in person is ALWAYS good a thing.

Brogan and Josh were not only keen to have their pre-wed shoot by the sea at sunset, but also to bring their beloved pet PHIL!

Being a dog lover myself, I was only too happy with this plan! I always recommend having pre-wedding sessions and portraits at weddings during “Golden Hour”, i.e. the hour that leads up to the sunset and second to that, in the winter, that beautiful low morning light – so this perfectly aligned with Josh & Brogan’s vision! The light is most likely going to be at its most flattering around these times and if you’re lucky like Josh, Brogan & Phil were, it’s absolutely stunning!

We went for a leisurely stroll to a few different spots and snapped away. We also said that hopefully these photographs have a completely different vibe to their future wedding photos (i.e. completely different seasons – taken at opposite ends of the year) thus allowing me to capture a full range of romantic images for them both on their wedding day & pre-wed shoot!

Thank you so much Brogan & Josh, I had such a lovely evening with you both and you two definitely brought lots of fun, giggles and a little magic to your images! I’m really looking forward to shooting your wedding in December! Please see their full gallery, below.

If you're looking to book in a pre wedding shoot, please get in touch here.

Finding the right wedding photographer who will capture all of those magical moments and timeless images is so important!

 Please feel free to get in touch today if you fancy a chat, my wedding photography packages can be found here, why not see if I could be the perfect wedding photographer for you and to find out if we could make an incredible team, I'd love to hear all about your wedding planning!

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Candid Seaside Engagement Photography at Golden Hour
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