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Documentary Wedding Photography

October, 2018


Wedding photos are such an important part of the photographic timeline to a whole wedding day. They also showcase all the time it took to find the “perfect look”, for each individual couple.

As a wedding photographer, it’s my job to capture images with a lot of attention and care, especially if there are details that hold a particular meaning to the individual/couple (like their something borrowed or a special family heirloom, for example).

So here are a few tips for how to get the best out of your wedding portraits...


  • Allow extra time - It’s important to allow extra time for the morning portion of your wedding photography, in order to make sure to capture enough of each person, the couple together, and all of those important individual details. Portraits are growing in popularity both on the actual wedding day and before or after the event (so there is a little bit of flexibility there!) Permitting extra time for photos together and individually can add to the collection of incredible photos that I’ll deliver to my wedding couples, allowing them to remember exactly how they felt on their very special day.

  • Wear your outfit/shoes in, in advance - I know this may sound a little bit o.t.t.! You may even be thinking, “But I had so many fittings, isn’t that practice enough?” However, it’s so important to be able to move/walk in your outfit! I always recommend that after the final fitting, my couples walk around and get used to their wedding attire. It’s so helpful to test out walking with the shoes that you will be wearing, as this will ensure that the dress (if wearing one) fits perfectly – and that you will be comfortable wearing it for your entire wedding day. Suits can be stiff/tight, so again worth “wearing in a little”. Also, if you have shoes with a little “bling” on them, you can make sure that they don’t get caught on any tulle or lining and also make any adjustments you need before the wedding day itself!

  • Consider location/time of year, when it comes to hair/outfits – Loose blow-dries are gorgeous, of course, but sometimes, this style does not bode well with a heavily wind-blown location – like Beaches. Ensure your hair is secure and photo-ready by considering your wedding venue and wedding season, so your style team can be prepared.

  • Think about those special/private moments – It’s worth adding a couple of private moments into the timeline of photos, with your photographer, with each individual couple member alone, just after you’ve got dressed (*please see below for examples and wedding inspiration). This not only allows everyone to take a deep breath, feel confident and "soak in" the moment, but it also ensures that I’ll have some extra time to capture a few gorgeous, relaxed portraits and truly memorable moments before even leaving the room!

  • Just a little bit of planning will go a long way! - Even if the topic of a "first look"  hasn't come up within your wedding planning, and you have only scheduled time in for photographs after your ceremony, sometimes just five minutes around your wedding venue will be enough time to capture those truly incredible portraits and authentic moments between the two of you.

The most important thing, of course, is just to relax and enjoy this incredible day. If you're truly having a wonderful time, that is what will come through in your wedding photos. As a professional photographer, I've found through photographing weddings, that it really helps couples to see themselves as I see them... this means I will also always share the images I take on the back of the camera to my beautiful couples to show them just how gorgeous they look! This is always a confidence booster, especially if you’re slightly less confident in front of the camera (as most people are, myself included!)

Featured below:

Venues: Nurstead Court, Bailifscourt, Nutbourne Vineyard

Styling/Planning: Pearline Events & Angels and Gypsies” AND Hire Societies & Luna and the Lane

Florals: The Floral Explosion & Hire Societies

Jewellery & Accessories: Ps With Love & L.G. Guess

Dress: Joyce Young Collections & “The Wedding Boutique

Make up: Brides by Aina.M & Frey De Paoli

Hair: Jenny Balding & Your Event Stylist

Finding the right wedding photographer who will capture all of those magical moments and timeless images is so important!

 Please feel free to get in touch today if you fancy a chat, my wedding photography packages can be found here, why not see if I could be the perfect wedding photographer for you, on your wedding date, and to find out if we could make an incredible team?!

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October, 2018


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