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Documentary Wedding Photography

October, 2020


Autumn seems to have arrived so quickly this year, and before we know it, it’ll be Halloween! Going to a farm to choose your pumpkin has become really popular in recent years, and it’s also a lovely opportunity to have some professional photographs taken.


Simple things like the clothes your child is wearing, or the time of day you visit can make such a difference to the overall feel of your photographs from the pumpkin patch!

So, here’s my… “5 Tips for getting great photographs (with me) at the pumpkin patch”!


  • Colours - It might seem a bit excessive to plan the colour of your child’s clothing so that they coordinate with a certain location, but the right colour clothing can make a really positive difference to your photographs. Of course, there are no set ‘rules’ for what your children can wear to a pumpkin patch, but some colours will complement the surroundings better than others. Generally speaking, most pumpkin patches will have a combination of oranges, soft browns and greens present, and I find that autumnal colours complement these tones well. If you have more than one child, I recommend choosing a maximum of three or four colours for the whole family to wear, for more tips on "What to wear to a family photo shoot"… please visit this blog post.

  • Light – At this time of year the sunlight around mid-afternoon can be really beautiful, soft and give a different feel to the photographs taken, compared with a cloudier day for example (both still stunning but very different in their own right!). It’s also important to note that a lot of these places have little, to no shade, so I tend to look for quieter spots around the edges if there is bright sunlight, which usually means we are uninterrupted too! 

  • Prepare for “English Autumn” weather – October can be wet, grey, cold and muddy at times – but we won’t let this stop us! I’ll be checking in with weather updates, but generally speaking, wellies are usually a good shoe option to wear to the fields. Waterproofs/a washable blanket are also strongly advised, and wearing layers can work wonderfully for the children who may initially be cold getting out of the car, but will soon warm up with all the running around/exploring!

  • Get down low – It really does create beautiful photographs when I’m able to get the whole family AND the pumpkins (amongst the foreground and background) all in shot at the same time (see examples below), this occasional means getting down a little lower, so I’m able to capture all of your beautiful surrounds!

  • Let the kids relax - Once you’re in a lovely location it can be tempting to immediately try and get the children to sit still for a nice photo, but as most parents will find, this is the last thing the kids want to do! Let them spend some time exploring, giving them tasks (like helping me to make an arrangement for them to sit on, which in turn will also burn a lot of energy, win-win!) and they can even decide on which pumpkin they want to take home; this is a lovely opportunity for me to take some candid photographs of them, and once they’ve chosen “the one” and got “the wiggles” out, it will be much easier to keep them in one place.


These photographs were taken at various beautiful pumpkin fields around Surrey & Somerset and although this year we did have to book in at the fields (so that everyone had the chance to go), it really was wonderful nonetheless and a perfect half-term activity for all the family to enjoy. If you’re interested in booking a pumpkin or family photo shoot, please look here.

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Somerset Pumpkin Shoot
Surrey Pumpkin Family Shoot
English Pumpkin Picking
Pumpkins in Petersfields 2020
Surrey Pumpkin Family Portraits
Surrey Pumpkin Family Photos
2020 Pumpkin Field Photography
Pumpkin Photos in Surrey
Surrey Pumpkin Family Shoot
Surrey Pumpkin Family Mini Portraits
Pumpkin Family Shoot in Surrey
2020 Pumpkin Field Photography in Surrey
Pumpkin Mini Shoot in Surrey
2020 Relaxed Pumpkin Field Photography
Beautiful Nellie at the Pumpkins
English Pumpkin Picking Family Photos
2020 Pumpkin Family Photography


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