Documentary Wedding Photography

January, 2019


While January may not be the most “traditional” or “popular” Wedding month, it definitely has its advantages to being circled on the calendar as a potential spot for a Wedding Date. 


Named after the “God of beginnings, gates, doorways, time, and passages”, January represents new beginnings and presents the perfect opportunity to highlight a milestone like a Wedding.


Other than a few reasons why I love “Winter Wedding” written here, I wanted to speak about a few (5) reasons why January is also a wonderful time to get hitched!


  • Honeymooning in the Winter - After the Wedding comes the Honeymoon! Of course, a Honeymoon at any time of the Year will always be absolutely wonderful, but imagine flying out of a dark and cold English Winter for a week of sun & warmth! What better way to exit a snowy reception hall than by flying to a tropical paradise – it’s off peak travel too, so you’ll probably save a few £ (bonus!)

  • It’s Unique – Just like these images with "Charlotte & Matthew" *see below, your Wedding could have a Winter fairy-tale, "Beauty and the Beast" vibe to it, which I absolutely love! Do whatever is most reflective of your style, keeping in mind that you have options beyond the more common Summer aesthetic.

  • You’ll get more RSVPs - Since Summer is the most popular time of Year for Weddings, many people have to choose between what they can say yes & no to, but they’ll (hopefully) have slightly freer calendars in January.

  • A Fun Menu - When it’s 90-degrees at your garden gala in August, the mere thought of a hot toddy may leave you feeling a bit sweaty. And that buttercream cake you love? It may, well, melt under the Summer sun. In the Winter, however, you may find yourself having more creative freedom with menus, and more control over the temperature, allowing for certain foods!

  • A lovely Anniversary Date – Having a Wedding Anniversary in January will always give the perfect excuse for future exotic getaways in the dead of Winter. It’s a time of Year that can often be a little flat, so how wonderful to look forward to your Anniversary during this month, every Year!?

These beautiful Winter Wedding images from January 21st 2019 at Walton Castle, that holds intimate and off-beat Weddings, in beautiful Clevedon, showcase just how absolutely magical a January Wedding can be. Understated Vintage glam and country vibes that are associated with those colder Winter months are definitely evident here and the colour tones are based on a late Autumnal palette.


The stunning Floristry was by the ever so talented Henrietta Floral & Event Stylist.

The delicate and beautifully classic Stationery was by Inkflower Press.

The subtle princess like Hair Styling was by Tracy Pallari Professional Hair and Makeup Artist and the Makeup by Sallys Makeup at "Dream Team".

 Our Bride wore a Gown from Rookery Bridal.

Wonderful and key extras included Hay Bales from Country Hay Bale Hire, a Horse Box Bar – from Feisty Mare South West and a gorgeous Hand Knitted Shawl by Weddings by Laremi.


If you’re looking for a Photographer for your Winter Wedding Date, please get in touch here!

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Romantic Couple Portraits at Walton Castle
Romantic Couple Portraits at Walton Castle for a Winter Wedding
Bridal Hair & Make-up
Bridal Hair & Make-up at Walton Castle
Bridal Hair & Make-up Winter Wedding
Bridal Hair & Make-up Winter Wedding at Walton Castle
Fiesty Mare Horsebox Bar
Horsebox Bar Details
FeistyMare Horsebox Bar Details
Winter Wedding Bar Details
Winter Wedding Bar Details at Walton Castle
Walton Castle Wedding Drinks
Walton Vastle Winter Wedding Drinks
Winter Wedding Drink Details
Winter Wedding Drink Details at Walton Castle
Romantic Wedding Details
Stunning Winter Wedding Stationery
Newly Weds at Walton Castle
Couple Shots by Horsebox Bar
Fairy-tale Bridal Portraits
Fairy-tale Bridal Portraits at Walton Castle
Romantic Couple Shots by Horsebox Bar
Relaxed Couple Shots by Horsebox Bar
Documentary Couple Shots by Horsebox Bar
Relaxed Winter Couple Shots by Horsebox Bar
Romantic Winter Couple Shots by Horsebox Bar
Toast to the Newly Weds
Toast to the Newly Weds at Walton Castle
Horsebox Bar Somerset
Winter Wedding Bouquet
Winter Wedding Bouquet at Walton Castle
Fairy-Tale Winter Wedding Bouquet
Beautiful Winter Wedding Table
Fairy-tale Winter Wedding Table
Romantic Winter Wedding Table
Beautiful Winter Wedding Reception
Fairy-tale Castle Couple Shots
Romantic Fairy-tale Castle Couple Shots
Magical Fairy-tale Castle Couple Shots
Fairy-tale Castle Couple Shots at Walton Castle
Fairy-tale Castle Couple Shots at Walton Castle, Somserset
Beautiful English Country Lake
English Countryside Lake & Willow Trees
South West Coastline
Somerset Coastline Portishead & Clevedon
Portishead & Clevedon Coastline & Views
English Sandy Somerset Beach & Costal Views


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