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October, 2018


Why I love wedding prep


I absolutely love photographing a wedding morning as there really is a wonderful atmosphere, as excitement fills the air! Being a part of it, as a wedding photographer, is always such a joy and privilege and each morning is so unique in its own right, I really am so very lucky.


From a creative point of view, I also love capturing all of those little details, the outfits, the shoes, the florals, the jewellery – it is all just so beautiful. Arriving early, in this way, gives me the time to capture these details that are so unique to you and that make up a lovely part of your story and reflect your wedding planning in your wedding gallery.


As a wedding photographer I’m always on the lookout for emotions, and a wedding morning is full of them, let me tell you! The excitement of your best friends, the butterflies as you step into your outfit for the first time and the look on your families’ faces when they see you, it is just wonderful.


I should also mention that practically it is so important to have your photographer around in the morning, if you can, as it definitely allows people to get used to having the camera near them. Whilst I will have already met and/or had lots of contact with my couple, I won’t have met with any of their friends or family (usually) so this time really helps everyone to feel at ease with me and my camera. I often have bookings from camera-shy couples too and they can be put off by the thought of having photographs of themselves getting ready, but in fact, I think they should be doing the opposite! I find that prep photography really does help everyone, on the morning of and throughout the rest of the day, to feel relaxed, confident and comfortable.


I’ve definitely heard on too many occasions, “I wish I’d had my prep photographed.” It’s such a big part of the whole day in itself taking so much planning, and yet only a handful of people actually get to see it. Like the ceremony, it’s a part of the day that deserves to be recorded in all its glorious detail.


Tips to make sure you get the most out of yours


Think about...

  • The Location/Lighting – If you’re getting ready in a hotel, I really recommend going to look at it first if you can! You’ll be able to work out if it’s big enough for everyone who is going to be there and that there’s lots of natural light, which you’ll want, not only for your photographer but also for your hair and makeup artists! And if you’re getting ready at home, it’s important to consider the space/lighting too. We all tend to look past the clutter and mess in our own home. The last thing you are probably going to want to do the night before the wedding is a big clean, but having a quick tidy up (or getting a friend/family member to help or do it for you!) especially in the rooms you are going to get ready in, will make a huge difference to your images.

  • The Details - Little details make a big difference – if you and your friends are all getting ready at home, why not invest in some lovely nightwear/lounge wear that can be worn again? This makes for a beautiful "casual group image" and no one will be self-conscious about their well-worn pyjamas! Wooden coat hangers for the outfits also look so much better than plastic ones. These simple things make such a difference.

  • The Timings – In short, try to do a little bit of planning and leave lots of extra time – this will make for a super relaxed morning! Yummy nibbles, a range of drinks (soft and bubbly), clean bathrooms and fresh beds and a great preprepared "Spotify playlist" can make all the difference to the feel-good vibes!


These images were taken from a stunning morning at Caswell House, and I absolutely loved photographing it!

The stunning floristry was by the ever so talented Henrietta Floral & Event Stylist.

The delicate stationery was by Mara at Blush & Gold.

The hairstyling was by Kim Sandford Hairdressing and the makeup by Jenny Oj.

 Our bride wore a gown from The Cotswolds Frock Shop.

Wonderful and key extras including bridal lingerie from Extra Special Touch, Jewellery – from P.S. With Love and styling by Champkin.


If you’re in need of a wedding photographer for your wedding morning, then please, look no further

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Relaxed Shots of Bride and Bridesmaids at Caswell House
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