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August, 2019


I had this Bank Holiday off and I wanted to take full advantage of this rare occurrence! Myself and Adam were in the mood for some fresh air and a new adventure. I’d shot some Family Easter Mini’s in Mendip, at Stockhill Woods, earlier this year, in April, (see here), and thought it was absolutely breath-taking, so we did a little bit of research on nearby walking trails and found an excuse to visit again!

Crook Peak is one of the most distinctive places to walk in Somerset. On Conical Hill, just off the M5, Crook Peak, made for an exhilarating and beautiful walking route, with stunning views throughout too! With classic outcrop of craggy limestone that epitomises the rugged beauty of The Mendip Hills, it’s definitely worth a detour off the well-beaten track.

After walking for a good few hours, we met up with our friends (from Bristol) and visited "The Pony and Trap" pub, set in the epic rolling hills of Mendip – which served up one of the best roasts I’ve ever eaten! We’d already walked a fair amount, but we all fancied letting our dinners go down by having a little mooch around Chew Valley Lake. The Lake is a beautiful spot tucked away in the countryside with a lovely picnic area and ample bird and wildlife spotting opportunities.

Of course, I took my camera with me and it got me thinking, about my love for Landscape Photography, and there came this Blog Post idea…

3 Reasons Why I Absolutely Adore Landscape Photography

  • Capturing the Atmosphere – Whilst it’s great to Photograph people, sometimes capturing the view you were all looking at can instil the beautiful memories differently and looking back at the images can really spark our experience anchor. When you truly feel like you’ve captured the feeling of peacefulness in that gorgeous open air, it can all come rushing back when viewing those images, and it is really wonderful! They allow me to capture a place or moment that is special that I may never be able to go back to or capture again, just as I experienced it. My images represent the way I saw the Landscape and how I felt at that specific moment.

  • Good for the Soul – Being outdoors forces you to find the beauty all around you, discovering new places and getting fresh air and peace in the process, it’s great for our physical, mental and emotional health, win-win! When I’m Photographing a landscape, I find it so therapeutic, I’m completely focused on the scene around me and organising myself and my equipment to capture the vision I’m wanting to achieve. I love focusing on the wonder of nature, freezing moments in front of me and finding creative ways to capture the beautiful nature unfolding around me.

  • A different View Point – Not only does taking landscape Shots push me to explore new places but it also encourages me to explore different times of the day, when I may usually be inside, such as Sunset or Sunrise when landscape Photo ops can be at their prime. Because it can be harder to get out at those times, as daily life simply doesn’t allow the time for it, the most interesting light can often be found by, setting an alarm in the morning, (for example); I’ve definitely seen more Sunrises in my time as a Photographer than I ever have done before! Even if you’re a little tired at first, when it comes to looking at/editing the images – the adrenaline high is utterly fantastic and makes up for any discomfort whilst shooting at potentially anti-social hours.

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