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August, 2019

August, 2020


At the end of August, and a very busy Wedding Season, I took a few days out to go camping in the New Forrest.

Camping really is wonderful, especially if you’ve been really busy and need time to slow down. So great in fact, that it gave me an idea for a Blog Post… why spending time away from the screen is so important, so here’s a few points I realised whilst spending some quality time with my family in the great outdoors…

  • Health – It’s no joke when people say camping is work. Whilst camping, your body and mind are challenged physically and mentally, as you’re doing so many different things, compared to the activities you’d usually be doing at home. It’s also been proven that spending more time outdoors is great for stress relief, better sleep and vitamin D absorption, win-win!

  • Headspace – It’s not just our physical health that benefits from time outdoors. Camping can clear our busy minds of unnecessary chatter/clutter that builds up in “modern” day to day life, without us even noticing. Being mentally challenged on an activity outdoors and slowing down to appreciate the smaller things in life can combat our overstimulated minds.  

  • Bonding – It’s so nice to spend time with the family without distractions. To enjoy campfires, meal times, games and even having fun doing chores together, to keep the camp running. For busy families, camping allows togetherness that just doesn’t have the space to happen in busy everyday home life.

  • Adventure – For me an adventure is stepping outside the norm, be it walking a new route, sleeping in a tent or trying a new activity, camping allows for ample adventurous opportunities.

  • Inner Child – Roasting Mash Mellows, walking to the loo with a torch and chatting in the biggest tent when it’s raining, allows us all to feel young and carefree again. Seeing things in a simpler way definitely makes me feel more childlike, in a good way!

  • Space – Oh my goodness the fresh air and space, isn’t it truly amazing?! It is so freeing, so calming and so peaceful.

  • The Small Things – Enjoying the sound of the tent being unzipped, the birds at 4am, wearing wellies with your pjs, having BBQ everything, it’s enjoying the little things that we don’t usually get to experience in everyday life that makes it all the more special!

  • Disconnect – “A recent study found that the average person checks their mobile device 85 times per day. 85 times?! That’s around 5 times per waking hour, based on a 16-hour day, or once every 12 minutes.” If this sounds like you, you may feel a little lost at first, but once you get used to it, I guarantee you’ll feel freer! Using a real camera, a proper map, reading a real book, playing a pack of cards, it’s truly so refreshing.

  • Nature – Sunsets and Sunrises are stunning Daily occurrences that can easily go unnoticed or unappreciated in everyday life as there simply isn’t the time to enjoy them. When you’re camping however, time is on your side, everything seems to slow down, it’s just heaven! Star gazing is also a beautiful thing to do whilst camping, relaxing sitting back and contemplating the universe, I just love it.

  • Memories – With downtime, new skills learned, gorgeous BBQ’s cooked, nurtured relationships, physical exertion and more headspace, of course, happy memories are going to be made. This year was no exception and I can’t wait to make more!

Camping in the New Forrest
Stunning Views from the New Forrest
Landscape Photography in the New Forrest
Landscape Photos at the New Forrest
Outdoor Photography at the New Forrest
Outdoor Photography in the New Forrest
Peaceful Lake at the New Forrest
Sunset Photography in The New Forrest
Sunset Photos in The New Forrest
Golden Hour Landscape Photography
Golden Hour Landscape Photos
Forrest Landscape Photography


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