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December, 2019


As you may know by now, I’m a little bit mad for Christmas (slight understatement!), check out last year’s blog post here, and see for yourself, but it really is the most magical time of the year for me. Red is also such a warm festive colour and the light can be beautiful in the winter months too!


Late November/early December are two of my favourite months, not only because they are part of the big build up to Christmas, but because a Family Mini Shoot (could’ve stopped there) with Christmas props and outfits, is my idea of heaven, and these are the months in which I get to shoot them!


With such an extremely busy lead up to Christmas, I wanted to make a quick and easy updated tip list for how you and your family can prep for your shoot with me and to get the most out of it, taking away images that you can cherish forever and even use for your Christmas cards/presents!


So, here are my tips on how to prep for your Family Photoshoot with Megan McAdam Photography…


  • Be Individual – This is a chance to really showcase what it means to be a part of your family. Dress up and show off what makes you, you!

  • Get Creative – Following on from my last point, think about how you can exhibit yourselves at your most authentic! Props, keep sakes, outfits they’ll all be individual to you and working on them as a family (as opposed to individually) can work so well too! Think about complimentary colours and outfits, (but they really needn’t be o.t.t. matchy-matchy) fun accessories, family heirlooms, a splash of lipstick – the list is endless and it’s a real chance to get artistic!

  • Have Fun – This is what the holidays are all about afterall! Use this time to try and relax with the family, tell "dad jokes", tickle each other, ask the kids what they’d like from Father Christmas, wrap up warm and snuggle. After all the planning is done see here, here and here this is the chance to sit back and enjoy this family activity, making memories for many wonderful years to come!


This is my third year of doing Christmas Mini’s and I love capturing them just as much, if not more, than I did when I first started. I have my go-to set up and props and a few favourite locations, but this can be flexible, along with the time of day and day of the week in which our shoot will take place!


I usually recommend doing them in-between lunch and dinner as an afternoon activity for the little ones to enjoy, before it gets too cold/dark! And I encourage shooting at the weekend so the whole family can be involved and there’s less pressure to get to potential after school activities.


I absolutely love capturing beautiful families at this time of the year! I’m already looking forward to next year's (yes, I know, I’m keen!). If you’re interested in booking please look here, and we can have a chat about your very own Christmas Mini Shoot.

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