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September, 2017


For my 23rd birthday, thanks to the best present buyer in the world, my lovely Mum (thanks again Mum) and I were heading to France!

Mum and I hopped on the Eurostar and went to explore the beautiful city of Paris. Getting to the city itself was so easy and comfortable, and you can even bring your own bottle of bubbly on the train, result! We watched the film "French Kiss", which felt apt, whilst we gazed at the charming French countryside. It was so wonderful to feel like we could really see and feel the journey we were taking, each step of the way and for it to be a whole part of the experience, unlike flying. 

We seemed to get there in absolutely no time at all (this was probably helped by Kevin Kline's French accent). It really is the perfect location for a weekend getaway, and you aren't tired from all the travelling by the time you get there, as it only took a few hours from start to finish, which is a massive bonus.

For our trip, we stayed at a hotel called "My Home in Paris" which was the prettiest little boutique spot to put our feet up, with stylish design and interiors, it had the perfect meeting of modern and historical design features. In amongst this busy, and often crowded city, our home for the next few days had its own private courtyard and the general feel of the hotel was calm, intimate and welcoming. Location wise, we were pretty Central, about a five-minute walk from the Oberkampf Paris Metro Station and right next to a bakery called "Atelier Guinot Baker" - which I can honestly say sold the best sandwiches I have EVER eaten. A little on the pricey side, "Boulangerie bakery" was worth every penny, and I'm pretty sure we bought food from there at least once a day during our stay. 

As we were only in Paris for a short time, we explored on foot mainly, strolling along the river Seine for an hour or two each day. During our stay we did get the occasional Metro, but I would highly recommend exploring the city by foot, experiencing and taking in your surroundings whilst being able to gather your bearings will definitely make you feel a lot less like a tourist (it most certainly did for us!)

Whilst in Paris we visited The Louvre, Pont des Arts, Pont Neuf, Pont de l'Archevêché, Notre Dame Cathedral, The Eiffel Tower, The Musée d'Orsay and The Musée des arts décoratifs, amongst many cafés, antique shops and beautiful florists. The architecture throughout these locations, and in Paris generally was so stunning that I've named these places some of the most photogenic, to me, and I hope that on future trips I can add to this list, finding less well known locations as I begin to become less of a tourist.  

Surprisingly, we managed to see everything on our list and still made time to fit in many coffee stops, leisurely walks and window shopping. Staying in the city meant that we were never far from all the action and attractions the city had to offer,  although when city life got a little hectic we could easily escape to our hotel, a private, safe and relaxing oasis. 

After being totally convinced that I was a country girl through and through, I absolutely feel in love with Paris and city life.  I left feeling utterly spoilt and fortune, and I couldn't have asked for a better birthday present... I will most definitely be returning soon!

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Beautiful French Architecture Detail Shot
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