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August, 2018


 ​At the beginning of August, I had the wonderful privilege of photographing a beautiful and intimate ceremony at Farnham Reformist Church followed by a relaxed reception at Farnham Castle

"Megan gave us the most amazing set of pictures. So many special shots that capture unique moments that would otherwise be confined to memory and some lovely surprises too! The most noticeable thing is how she is able to capture natural scenes as they unfold. We're so pleased we chose her!" - Darren.

Darren and Josephina wed at a quaint church in Farnham, Surrey. I’d met with them 6 months prior to their date, to discuss some key details, about their wedding day. We worked out the entrance in which Josephina would be arriving from, which aisle the couple would be exiting the church from and how to coordinate a confetti shot (amongst many other things). I place a high importance on being respectful, especially in a place of worship, and will effectively do everything I can, in order to get you those wonderful shots, whilst sticking to the rules, remaining subtle and not interfering with you or your guests’ experience of the day. Asking these questions and organising logistics ahead of the big day makes for a smooth flowing set-up, when it really matters.

We then headed over to their Reception Venue – Farnham Castle, and wow, a grand and “fairy-tale” eques fortress really does await you! As well as working out the logistical details, I love seeing the spaces in which I am going to be working, it allows me to gauge the physical space and how I’ll be able to move around on the day. Whilst I love thinking on the spot, weddings and key beautiful details can all happen in the blink of an eye and ironing out these different elements, beforehand, means I can focus on capturing all of those special and memorable moments that made Darren & Josephina so happy *see above.

This beautiful wedding will be kept for, my wonderful bride & groom and their lovely family & friends. They were happy to share a few images of their church grounds/The Victorian Garden (where we photographed their family and group shots – a beautiful little hidden oasis that I would really recommend walking through, if you’re in the area), their venue and their beautiful flower girls.

I absolutely love capturing the madness amongst the little ones at weddings. Something about them all getting together and dressing up – they love it and usually after all the “formals” have taken place, and they’ve filled their boots with delicious food, the real fun begins. They start to play and relax and are bubbling to the brim with giggly energy, great for those joyful candids.

This venue was perfect for allowing guests and the children to move freely with lots of pretty nooks and plentiful green grass fields, it really has the best of both worlds. Perfect for larger or smaller weddings with different function rooms, castle rounds and views of Farnham, I really can’t wait to shoot many more happy weddings here.

Castle Grounds English Wedding Venue
Flower Girl Playing
Family Wedding Portraits
Outdoor Flower Girl Photography
Farnham Reform Church
Outdoor Family Portraits
Relaxed Throwing Of The Bouquet Photography
Smiley Flower Girl Outdoor Castle Wedding
White Flower Gril Dresses
Farnahm Castle Detail Shots
Grounds at Farnham Castle


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May 12th 2018


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Megan McAdam 

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