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Documentary Wedding Photography

November, 2018


If you're not familiar with the term Stylised Shoot”, put simply, it’s when suppliers partner with other vendors, for example a photographer with a florist, cake designer and/or planner (and so on), who then put together a "photo session", usually in the form of a "mock wedding".

Stylised shoots are great for showing off a certain style or a creative idea/ideas. Whilst the end result can be publication of the images into a blog (for example), and where the photographs can be used for advertising, there are also a lot of other benefits to working on Stylised Shoots… 

Here’s my top 3 reasons why I love working on Stylised Shoots…

  • Practice – Whether you’re at the start of your photographic career or a seasoned wedding photographer, Stylised Shoots are a great way to perfect your craft. These types of shoots offer room for creativity, be it, in the styling or posing of the models, lighting techniques or the chance to be inclusive with all types of weddings! There’s time (unlike on a real wedding day) to experiment and adjust and of course there’s lots of planning that goes into it too, which has definitely expanded my ability to offer advice and empathy to my real-life couples! It’s a great and safe space to push your comfort level without the fear of “messing it up”

  • Networking – As a wedding photographer it’s standard to have minimal input into other vendors that you’ll meet and work with on any given wedding day, whilst this is amazing, and I cannot tell you how many lovely people I have been so fortunate to have met that I wouldn’t have otherwise, Stylised Shoots give us photographers the chance to work with vendors who we’ve had our eye on, admired or would otherwise not have been able to work with. With wedding photography, the more vendors and other professionals you work with, the more your name will be out there. Networking and building relationships are crucial to helping your business grow, and this is a great opportunity to do just that. Referring clients between vendors is a huge part of the wedding industry, too. I’ve also found that if I’ve worked at/with a certain venue, I have been referred to couples directly too, so it’s a win-win all round!

  • Advertising – Stylised Shoots are a chance to create a really epic wedding set up, giving us the ability to really hand-pick all the details and allowing us to show off our brand the way we want to.

Earlier this year I was asked to photograph a stunning Stylised Shoot at P.s Spaces in Wimbledon, organised by the truly lovely and talented Ashleigh at Pink Palm Events. Ashleigh runs Pink Palms from London and offers modern creative direction to all of your event planning needs, she’s your go-to woman for the most beautiful styling, outstanding organisational skills (honestly, she’s like superwoman) or just a friendly chat/bit of advice from a genuinely kind and lovely human. 

I’m so glad I got to work with her and her amazing team and look forward to more Stylised Shoots later this year!

Photography: Megan McAdam Photography (me!)
Styling & Planning: Pink Palm Events 
Cake: The Cake Parlour
Stationery: Merrie & Bright & Letters from Emily 
Furniture/Props: Juno Hire & GB Elegant Events 
Floristy: Boutique Blooms
Venue: Ps Spaces 

Wild About You
Stylised Shoot
Wimbledon Stylised Shoot
Pink Palms Stylised Shoot
Stylised Shoot Table Set Up
Stylised Shoot Wedding Cake
P.s Studios Wimbledon
Furniture Hire P.s Studios
Furniture Hire P.s Studios Wimbledon
Beautiful Stylised Shoot Setup
Stylised Wedding Tablescape
Pink, Gold & White Wedding Table
Beautiful Orchid Wedding Flowers
Wimbledon Stylised Shoot
GB Elegant Events Stylised Shoot
Stylised Shoot with GB Elegant Events
Juno Hire Stylised Shoot
Boutique Blooms Wedding Florals
Boutique Blooms Wedding Florals
Boutique Blooms Stylised Shoot
Stylised Shoot with Boutique Blooms
Stylised Shoot with Boutique Blooms & Pink Palm Events
Merrie & Bright Wedding Stationery Styling
Stylised Shoot with Merrie & Bright Stationery
Merrie & Bright Wedding Stationery


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