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October 2020


In January 2019 myself and Adam moved from Surrey to Somerset, more specifically to the beautiful seaside town of Clevedon (see my moving blog post here).

After living here for a year and a half, I wanted to reflect on what moving to somewhere new has been like and to also offer up a general update of what myself/Megan McAdam Photography has been up to!

Moving out definitely showed us both how much we’d hoarded from family hand-me-downs, how painful cardboard box paper cuts are, how long it takes to pack/unpack and just how evident first world problems are whilst we complained about having to go an entire day with no internet! Slowly along the way though, we started to establish our roots, Adam found a new barber, we started bumping into neighbours/people we’d met out & about and Clevedon just generally started to feel more like home (much quicker than either of us thought it would too!).

Clevedon was originally a small farming village of just 300 people at the beginning of the 19th century before the Victorians developed it into a busy seaside resort. Visitors still flock to the town to enjoy sea angling, sailing, sketching, walking and more! The town has two main shopping areas: The Triangle, with its wide selection of high-street shops, and Hill Road, which has become a tourist destination in its own right.

"The town has both a vibrant atmosphere and a tender tranquillity providing a quiet haven," says Civic Society chair Rob Campbell. "Clevedon is one of the loveliest towns in the world," claims town councillor Carole Wring. "There are two large GP practices, a cottage hospital, numerous churches and a wide range of cultural activities available to all. And, of course, there is the ever-changing panorama provided by the second highest tidal range in the world."

It’s honestly been so wonderful to live a mere 5-minute walk away from the stunning coastline, in fact on a handful of occasions we’ve both looked out of the window (around tea time) and seen that the sun has started to set, and we’ve literally legged it down to the Pier to catch the light, nothing can beat that feeling that’s for sure (see photos below)!

It’s also an amazing spot to be in as we’re literally just 13 miles from Bristol. Motorway access could not be easier as the town stands on junction 20 of the M5, and the nearest railway station is in the village of Yatton, just 4 miles away. Bath is slightly further away but that hasn’t stopped us visiting/me working there regularly, as well as venturing out on our beautiful walks in Wales, Devon and Gloucester – I feel like Clevedon has opened up a whole new world of adventures to us, and we’ve been loving it!

In terms of Megan McAdam Photography and what I’m up I’ve been up to recently, well… I’m still here! I’ve been working hard on the website, photographing lots of wonderful Families, creating an Etsy shop (see here) and cutting my hair off for charity (see here) it’s all go here! Although this year is definitely different to what I (and so many of us) expected, I’ve still been cracking on and have some exciting things in the pipeline! If nothing else, this year has taught me not to sweat the small stuff (and that it’s all small stuff really) and to be excited for the big and little things – which I definitely am, stay tuned! XX

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Clevedon Pier
Peaceful Sea at Clevedon
Lovely Pier at Clevedon Seafront
Clevedon Seafront
Clevedon, Somerset
Stunning Coastal Scenes
Sunny Day by the Sea in Somerset
Ariel Views of Clevedon Pier
Sunny Day by the Sea in Clevedon
Trees at Clevedon Pier
Clevedon Pier Infustructure
Trees at Clevedon Seafront
Below the Pier at Clevedon
Views from Clevedon
Views from Clevedon, Somerset
River Yeo
Cows at Clevedon Pill
Views at Clevedon Pill
Clevedon Pill


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