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October, 2019


Last Year I wrote two Blog Posts on tips for “non-pros” Shooting their own images (see here and here) and the response was so wonderful, that I am now doing my updated version.

In October, I was contacted by the lovely Hannah & Mark who own T & M Chocolates. They were after some fresh new images to update their Website. A shoot involving chocolate sounded like a dream, and I was 100% there!

I Photographed their Individual Chocolates, Slabs, Boxed Chocolates, and their brand-new Advent Calendars, set to be released in December this year. Their work is pure art, so beautiful I didn’t want to eat it, but once I’d had one… there was no going back! I also gave a box to my mum as a present, and she was blown away, they truly are such a special and authentic Business.

I feel confident working with products and creating images fit for Client’s websites, and so I loved the idea of doing an updated “Easy Tips & Tricks” 2019 edition. Picking up your phone/camera and attempting to Shoot in this style can be really daunting for any amateur but it is so wonderful to be able to utilise this skill for your Business or Blog and filtering this with Professional Photographs can create a beautiful balance on your platform.

  • Equipment – It’s key that you’re comfortable with what you’re using. There aren’t necessarily any right or wrong answers, it’s more about asking the right questions. What size will my images need to be blown up to? Do they all need to have the same framing, lighting, aesthetic etc.? Once you’ve answered these you can work in the right direction towards achieving your desired look.

  • Rule of Thirds – You want to visualise your blank canvas as nine equal segments. It’s designed to help artists create a well-balanced composition in each of their images. It’s also useful to determine where to place the focus, in this case, the Product. In most cases you should find that when your Product is positioned along these lines, optimally at the point where two lines intersect, it’ll enhance the image's overall appearance and “Professional” aesthetic.

  • Basic Editing – Most Product Photography handbooks will tell you that it helps to have a little knowledge, on some sort of editing programme, in order to perfect your white background, shadows or reflections. It doesn’t need to cost a fortune, or take lots of time – YouTube is great for this!

  • Patience – If you take the time with your first Product, Shooting multiple Shots to judge what works best from the start, and working until you achieve what you’re after, it will 100% make your life easier when it comes to Shooting the rest of the Products. This can take time, but it’ll be worth it!

Megan photographed our chocolates for our website, menu cards and T&M Artisan Chocolates. The Professionalism she portrayed from taking the pictures to photoshop and delivering them was outstanding. We were also on a tight time frame, and she worked so hard to help us meet it. The photos are amazing and do our product such justice. We would definitely recommend Megan and without doubt use her again.”

I can’t wait to Shoot more beautiful chocolates and to test them again, of course!

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