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August, 2020


Finding a Wedding Photographer that makes you feel at ease when you’re in front of the camera is so important and brings me to the concept of “Wedding Shoots”, also known as “Engagement Shoots”, “Together Shoots”, and “Couple Shoots”.


What is a “Pre-Wedding Shoot”?


Before asking yourselves “Should we have a pre-wedding photo shoot?”, you need to find out exactly what it entails. Quite simply, it’s a Professional Photo shoot done with your chosen Wedding Photographer in advance of your big day.


Thinking of a Pre-Wedding Shoot – Here’s some key info/tips…


Why Should we do it?

  • It’s a chance to get to know your Photographer - A Pre-Wedding Shoot is the perfect opportunity to get to know your Wedding Photographer a little more, it allows time to discuss your Photographers’ experience and enables you to make sure this is someone who has your wants and dreams in mind.  

  • It’s a chance for me to get to know you both better too – A Pre-Wedding Photo shoot allows your Photographer the chance to get to know more about you both and to make sure they’re able to work/gel well with your personalities.

  • It gives us both an idea of your photographic taste - It may help your Photographer to discover your best angles and positions to make your Wedding Photographs outstanding. Furthermore, Pre-Wedding Shoots can be considered as a trial “Photography Session” to help you prepare for your big day as well. You can discuss the venues and the type of shots you’d want too!



  • You’ll end up with some beautiful extra photos!


What to Remember on your Pre-Wedding Shoot…


  • Be Yourselves - First thing to do when thinking about your shoot is to try not to see it as that (if that makes any sense?!). Basically, try to approach the session as… a couple of hours to spend some time together and left the Photographer work their magic.

  • Have Fun & Relax - The very process of having a Pre-Wedding Shoot will enable you to get to know your Photographer more, in turn creating trust and enabling you both to feel relaxed, comfortable and confident! A Photographer will be able to assess your personality and work with that, in order to capture the shots of your dreams. If you’re shy, (which my couples usually are!) I will know that beforehand and work with it. Feeling comfortable with your photographer will add so much to the photos they capture. I always say to my couples that I am so bad In front of the camera (hence why I’m behind it most of the time!) so I can definitely relate to those feelings and have adapted the way I shoot to accommodate this. One of the best things to do is to have fun/be silly, I want to get those killer romantic epic shots, but the more fun we can have, the more relaxed you’ll become and the more amazing the images will be afterwards.


A Pre-Wedding shoot is the best chance for you and your Photographer to make sure you can work together well and will put your mind at ease to know that your photographer will do everything in their power to make sure this part of your day is perfect.


For Sarah, Craig & little Harry (no reason you can’t bring your little one to a Pre-Wedding Shoot too) we headed to a beautiful woodland for relaxed portraits of them all.

“We had our pre wedding shoot with Megan last month. It was a great opportunity as a practice run for the wedding, for us all to work together and to see her style in action. The shoot was very relaxed, fun and competent, she captured such beautiful moments. It has filled us with enormous confidence in Megan for our big day and has taken away any worries I may have had otherwise. We highly recommend Megan.” – thank you so much Sarah & Craig – couldn’t have said it better myself!

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Family Photos in Surrey
Family Portraits in Surrey
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