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August, 2020


As if I didn’t love Summer/August enough already, (not only for all of its sunny days and the happiness that that brings, getting to celebrate Adam’s Birthday or for it being a peak Wedding Season month)…it’s only Lavender Blooming Season too!


2020 was my third-year shooting Family Photos & Branding Photos at the Lavender fields and although it’s been a little different this year – I still love it just as much, if not more, each and every time I go!


I thought what better blog to write, than one that complies all of the questions I get asked about having a shoot at the Lavender Fields, since they do tend to be rather popular?!

  • Where are the fields? Are they even in the U.K.?

  • Yes, I always go to Mayfield Lavender.

  • Why there?

  • This particular field covers Surrey/London areas, so a large proportion of my clientele. There is ample parking and they have special rights for Photographers (which I love, of course). It’s always rather busy there, but the fields are more than big enough to accommodate everyone and the staff are really helpful (there’s even public loos located by the car park – added bonus!).

  • When is the best time to go?

  • July/August.

  • What is the best timeframe within those months?

  • There are no exact dates for either the beginning or ending of the “prime Lavender Field Photo Ops”, but I can assure you, after several seasons here and endless breath-taking photo opportunities, these are the approximate dates for every year.

  • When do you book them for?

  • Early July can be a little too early although by the end of the month/start of August they seem to be at their best, as this is when the flowers are at their maximum bloom before the harvest season. Nearer to the end of August they start to lose their colour a little (especially if it’s rained a lot – which seems common for August now!) and they also start to be harvested then.

  • We are busy on one of your specific dates, is there a bigger time window/more dates?

  • There’s a bit of flexibility within those three weeks until the final days before the harvest season. I know it is really short. I wish they lasted forever, the smell and the landscapes alone make you fall in love with nature, sunrises and sunsets.

  • What’s the best time to have Photos taken there?

  • My last common question that I get is… what’s the best time for our photoshoot to be taken? In my experience with my clients, the best time is usually between 10am-2pm, especially when working around little ones and their nap/lunch times… or just before sunset – which tends to be more popular with couples/businesses!


See below for a lovely collection of shots taken at the Lavender Fields this year, it was such a joy to work with all of these lovelies!


If you have further questions about booking Lavender Photos or want more Lavender info, I’m here to help!

Relaxed Family Photography
Relaxed Family Photographer
Candid Family Portraits
Candid Family Photos
Family Photoshoot at the Lavender Fields
Family Portraits at the Lavender Fields
Family Photos at Mayfield Lavender
Relaxed Family Photoshoot at Mayfield Lavender
Sweet Family Photographs at Mayfield Lavender
Mayfield Lavender Family Photography
Mayfield Lavender Family Photos
Mayfield Lavender Family Photoshoot


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