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September, 2020


This September was my first year shooting some family sessions at the sunflower fields and I totally fell in love!


Sunflowers = happiness! There’s something so whimsical and carefree about a sunflower and so, I wanted to share some Tips for sunflower pictures” for your local field…

  • Respect – Take care of the other guests and of the grounds around. It’s incredible that places are allowing us to come in and admire their fields, pick flowers, and take pictures, so always be kind and respectful. I don’t trample flowers for the perfect shot, I usually just find a secluded area.

  • Light – Sunset is always going to be a flattering time to have photographs taken but if your shoot ends up being around midday (as that just fits in better with you as a family) just embrace it, I almost always try to place the sun behind my subjects, if/where possible. One of the bonuses of midday light? You’ll probably get those big blue skies, which usually aren’t out during “Golden Hour”. So, enjoy those bright hues and colours in your photographs.

  • Composition – It’s important to get all of those sunny flowers and big skies in shot so whether you’re having a professional photo shoot, or just taking some with your phone, try different angles, change it up and have fun with it!

  • Naps & Snacks - Well-rested, well-fed kiddos are a must! Make sure everyone gets a great nap and a good meal before your photo session. If your session is in the evening, try to push naps a little later than usual in the week leading up to the session.

  • Bring it All - A sweetie, favourite toy, or a promise to a trip for ice cream, can all make a huge difference in attitude. Just make sure to save it until after the photography session — once the bribe comes out, it’s really hard to put it away!

  • Check Yourself – Make sure you’ve got comfy clothes that look relatively smart (iron that shirt/de-bobble that jumper… for example). Bring something to sit on, back up clothes in the car/some toys and snacks! Keys and phones should be out of pockets and hair scrunchies removed from wrists.

  • Let go & Trust - On the day of your photo session, it’s very normal to be a little nervous (it means you care). But the best way to love your shots is to let go of those nerves and trust in the photographer you hired, know that you’ve planned and prepared to the best of your ability, and now your photographer is here to capture all the loveliness that is going to unfold.


The flowers have this magical way of bringing joy to people as soon as you enter the field. Smiles come easy, especially when you’re enjoying the flowers with the ones you love. These adorable families had so much fun, simply enjoying the day and taking in all the beauty.


Megan is very good; the photos were amazing, definitely recommend her. Was very happy with her service, such a nice person” - Wendy.

“Had a lovely photo shoot with Megan last week, and the pictures are just beautiful! Megan was so friendly and kind yet also professional whilst taking our photos, would definitely recommend and be back for more in the future, thank you again xx” Hannah.


I’ll definitely be returning next year!

Family Photoshoot at the Sunflowers
Family Photos at the Sunflowers
Relaxed Family Photoshoot at the Sunflowers
Summer Family Photoshoot at the Sunflowers
Family Portraits at the Sunflowers


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