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November, 2017


As much as I'm a Spring and Summer baby, Autumn will always have a special place in my heart. Despite it getting a little darker and a tad colder during the Autumnal months of the year, the colours that appear within this Season, are just unlike anything else (it also means Christmas is getting closer, yay!).  As the trees begin to slowly turn a shade of lurid, vermilion, amber or "Feuille Morte"Surrey and its rolling hills are carpeted with a wonderful myriad of blazing colours and textures.

It truly is the perfect time to get out and explore the epic kaleidoscope of colours that are present, a pallet often dreamed about by painters, and so I've created a Blog Post, featuring just a few of my favourite Autumnal Walks in Surrey (I could easily do 10 Blog Posts on this topic alone!). 

Top of my list, of course, is Winkworth Arboretum. Winkworth contains more than 1,000 different and rare types of trees but it's the "Acres" and "Maples" (Japanese, American and Norwegian) that really steal the show here, whilst "Sweetgum Trees" turn a lovely crimson & maroon shade. There's also many specimens of shrubs, some even growing exotic fruits...with fungi and berries along the way too, this spot is perfect for the keen forager.

Winkworth was created in 1937 by a professional dermatologist and arboriculturist called "Dr Fox". Today it's run by "The National Trust", and totally encases an oasis of tranquillity and splendour. With wonderful places to walk, with varying paths for all abilities, and an amazing look out at various view points, it really is a delight for all. 

I visited the Park recently, in the midst of Autumn - when, in my opinion, it's truly at its peak,  glowing with magical tones and soft sunlight.  As a whole it's visually stunning with its sea of undulating colour; the soft ochres, fiery scarlets and lush green shades fill this extraordinary landscape and its surroundings. The Arboretum is undeniably a visual treat at ANY time of the year...but it's definitely worth exploring in the Autumn!

We followed signposted tails for 2.5 Miles which weave their way through the woodland towards "Azalea Steps", "The Lakeside Boathouse" and "The Eastern Meadow". For epic views follow through to the edge of "Magnolia Wood", and "Hydon's Ball". From there you can also follow a route to Hambledon, a charming little village, which houses "Oakhurst Cottage" a 16th-century home, which remains unchanged for the past 100+ years and once belonged to a labourer!

And secondly and finally (for now) on my list of lovely spots, is Woking Park. The Park holds a quaint little bandstand, tennis court and a huge range of indoor and outdoor leisure opportunities are available. With 43 acres of gorgeous landscaped gardens, a pretty pond, many playgrounds, the leisure centre and the pool, it's worth a spot on the list.

About a week ago, on a glorious sunny morning, I visited Woking Park. I was so pleased I managed to capture the last flush of Autumnal colour before the weather turned cold and Wintery (despite us still not having any snow in Surrey yet!). The park itself is situated just outside the busy town Centre and is a lovely escape from the crowds, suitable for all ages, it's definitely worth a visit on a crisp Autumnal morning.

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