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September, 2020


Every Family Photo shoot I have the joy of capturing is always completely different, especially this year! It’s been truly wonderful to have more time to spend with so many gorgeous families, and I am so grateful to everyone who has booked a session with me and supported my Small Business.

I’ve met quite a few new families this year and realised it has been a while since I’ve done some “Family Photo shoot Guides” (see previous posts here & here) so here are a few tried-and-tested tips that have worked well for my clients on “Family Photo Days” that I hope may help any future families who wish to book.

The key is to plan in advance and know what to expect, so that on the day of your session, you can be present and fully enjoy the time with your family. My clients often tell me that they had no idea a Photo Session could be so fun, and relaxed and my goal is to make you feel that way too!

So here’s a few (updated) Top Tips on booking a Family Photo shoot with me…

  • Enjoy Family Time – It might sound a bit cheesy but the love you have for your family is probably the main reason you booked your Family Photo shoot. At the end of the day it’s all about capturing what life is for you all right now, as a family, and keeping those memories forever. It’s about showing your children how much you love them so that they have these memories 20 years down the road.

  • There is such a thing as “Over Planning” - Nothing spoils a child’s good mood faster than too many clothing changes, too many locations or too many props. I know it’s tempting to get caught up in those “perfect” Pinterest photos, but the best images often happen spontaneously as a result of your unique family relationships. When we’re not working from a checklist, we’ll have more time to create natural images that you will all love. Try to limit your top priorities to one or two things (e.g. a family photo and a sibling photo etc…).

  • Allow plenty of time – Aim to get to your session 10 minutes earlier than you need to, so that there is a bit of extra time to get everyone out of the car without any unnecessary flapping. It’s also worth keeping a completely free day, so you can just focus your energy on the shoot, have a relaxed morning at home and enjoy the rest of the day without anything to have to rush to!

  • Roll with the kids - All professional Family Photographers have seen their fair share of grumbly little customers from time to time, and we always work through them! A great image only takes a millisecond to capture, so we’re probably capturing a higher volume of material than you think! Kids (and even babies) pick up on their parents’ stress levels so if you’re feeling relaxed, they will be too! Occasionally a grumpy face even turns into a hilarious image that you’ll cherish for years to come so please don’t worry!

  • Watch your language – No I don’t mean swearing, but, try to focus on how you talk to your children about the shoot. Perhaps instead of telling the kids that “We’re going to have photos taken”, you can tell them “We’re going to have an adventure and play with Megan” because in truth that is what we will be doing!

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