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August, 2020


“THE BIG 26” is not something you usually hear uttered but it’s felt like a big “milestone age” this year for both Adam and I; This is partly to do with our age, where we feel we are personally/professionally and of course, with everything that is going on within the world at the moment. This year has slowed everyone and everything down, and we’ve definitely found ourselves somewhat stuck in March and in a “pre lockdown” world, looking at our calendars as we head into September thinking… So how did this happen? Does this mean Adam and I are officially adults?

When I was younger, I used to think that by certain ages I would have ticked certain things off the “list” and I’m not really sure why I thought turning a specific age meant specific things were supposed to happen? The older I get, maybe paradoxically so, the more I realise that age really is just a number! I think society sets expectations of us to feel like we “need” to have achieved something by a particular age, or we should “be” something by “this” point, reaching “xyz” by an “arbitrary” milestone.

In reality, it isn’t fair to pressure ourselves to feel as if “this and that” should be happening in our lives parallel to specific time frames. Really, there is no time limit in reaching the things you want to achieve and I think that’s important to remember, ESPECIALLY this year and partly why I wanted to document my thoughts and feelings in a blog post, that can hopefully be looked back upon with the thought of “blimey do you remember the summer of 2020?!”.

On the topic of work and how it is all evolving I realise, that even my Wedding Couples vary greatly in age, some in their early 20s and some in their late 50s and of course, all of my couples are different, but I don’t approach them any differently due to their age. I say… get married for you, that’s what marriage is all about, the love you both have for each other.

For Adam’s Birthday we headed to The Quantock Hills, “an area of wilderness and tranquillity” with “Panoramic views“ that “lead you through coast, heath and Combe.”. “You will find rocky Jurassic coastline, exposed heathland summits, deep wooded combs, undulating farmland and attractive villages all within this protected landscape.”.


We both had a fabulous time walking through the stunning rolling hills, finding a friend or two along the way (see images below), in fact I think we did over 20 thousand steps and spend most of our day there, before heading back for a celebratory “fish and chip tea”. It was the perfect reset button for us both and I’m more in love/proud of him than ever (after spending 13 birthdays together!).


As we approach the second half of 2020, I’m excited to share the next chapter, whatever that may bring, for Adam and I, and my Photography Businesses, as we move forward into our 27th year!

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Quantock Hills
Horse at Quantock Hills
Megan McAdam Photography at Quantock Hills
Stunning Views of Quantock Hills
Wide Views of Quantock Hills
Landscape Photography at Quantock Hills
Woodland Photography at Quantock Hills
Adam at Quantock Hills
Gorgeous English Woodland
Horses at Quantock Hills, Somerset
Megan McAdam Photography at Quantock Hills Behind the Scenes
Self Portrait at Megan McAdam Photography at Quantock Hills
Walking Birthday at Quantock Hills
Quantock Hills, South West England
Quantock Hills, South West
Quantock Hills, Somerset
Megan McAdam Photography & Her Better Half at Quantock Hills
Woking Woodland
Woodland in Woking Surrey
Beautiful Nature Photos Surrey
Nature Photography in Surrey


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