Documentary Wedding Photography

August, 2021


Leanne and Luke first contacted me in 2019 with plans of a large but modest get together with family and friends at a gorgeous golf club situated in outer London. I felt that this gorgeous couple and I clicked instantly over a coffee date, and I just knew in my gut that we were a great fit.

After handing them their personalised wedding booklet (that covers everything from the key elements of a couples’ wedding photography to general timings of their wedding day and allows for total customisation and personalisation, please get in touch here for more details)… I left two very smiley faces on the premise that I’d love for them to sleep on it and not feel pressure – picking your wedding photographer is a massive decision at the end of the day! I then heard back from them the following evening, and they were excited to book, which I was SO SO SOOOO chuffed about as Leanne and Luke AND their wedding sounded like my dream to work with/Photograph!

After a few more conversations along the way, I was able to learn exactly what their wedding day would entail, and it was all coming together beautifully. We then booked to visit their venue (our second face to face meet up) and also to visit their Church. If you’ve booked a wedding photographer, and they are relatively local to your venue – I’d highly recommend going to have a cuppa/walk about there. You could even have a pre-wed shoot if this is something they offer, to really get comfortable with them and their camera. I ALWAYS say that on a wedding day you want to feel like everything has fallen into place, able to totally relax and to be in the moment, enjoying every tiny detail and all the hard work and planning yourself and your partner have put into this beautiful day! Meeting up with your photographer and having some practice Shots, along with visiting the venue/venues together (where possible) really does mean that the photographic elements and suppliers working at your wedding will be as prepared as you. This allows for a smooth flowing day and equally enables the photographer to be as present as you are. They can be in the moment able to capture the action exactly as it naturally and beautifully happens as they know exactly where they need to be and when, having had the opportunity to familiarise themselves with yourselves AND your venue, a real win-win for you all!

Sadly, Covid-19 had other ideas for this lovely pair and their wedding plans, and unfortunately their chosen venue subsequently stopped holding weddings/functions and turned into a vaccination centre. I mean, you just couldn’t write it but… needs must, I suppose!

Luckily, Luke and Leanne were organised from the get-go, and quickly got to work on making other arrangements that would suit their vibe, and ultimately the importance of marriage and what it meant to them. They still wed at their dream church which, as you can see below, was truly magical, and they then had their nearest and dearest at Leanne’s parents’ house for an intimate reception to follow. Luckily, Leanne and I had a catch-up at their house prior, so we really had allowed for all eventualities!

Even with everything 2020/2021 had to throw at this gorgeous pair, they took it all in their stride and were an absolute joy to work with from start to finish, thank you for entrusting me to capture this beautiful affair Luke & Leanne and a massive congratulations again!

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