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August, 2021


When you first start planning your wedding, you may have never considered the thought of it being a small and intimate celebration. Our traditional wedding mindset is full of guests, often around 100 for the ceremony and wedding breakfast, creeping right up to 150 in the evening with extra guests arriving in time for the party!


I’m writing this blog post to share information on micro weddings, that is often overlooked.


So, here’s a few things to consider when opting for a micro wedding…

  • Guest numbers - If there are more than 20 people that you would like to share your special day with, then a micro wedding might not be the right choice for you. Put aside (if you can) the obligations that you might feel to invite people’s partners and extended Family Members to try and reduce the numbers and go from there!

  • Choose an appropriate venue - You do not want to feel ‘lost’ in a setting that feels too big and amplifies the small number of guests. You need somewhere ‘just right’ that has plenty of space for everyone to relax, but with the right proportions for an intimate atmosphere to be created. Selecting a wedding venue that specialises in micro weddings means the staff/team there will really understand the vision of your day and their role. Visit the venue (if possible), meet the coordinators and try to imagine how you want your day to flow, thinking about the atmosphere you are looking to create.

  • Prioritise the must-haves - If you go head with a micro wedding, write a list of non-negotiables that you want for your big day. Whether it be an outdoor ceremony, your dream wedding dress, providing guest accommodation, or booking an amazing Florist, you’ll be likely working with a smaller budget, so prioritise what’s important to you as a couple.

  • Wear what feels right - The size of your wedding is no indicator of how lavish you can go with the things that matter. If that’s an expensive dress, then go for it, but if the dress choice isn’t critical to you, a dress from the high street can look just as beautiful. Wearing what you feel comfortable and confident in is key to being relaxed and happy on the day.

  • Be aware of the potential negatives - The biggest disadvantage is that you may encounter push-back from friends or family, so just make sure you are confident that this is the right decision for you. If extended friends and family, who weren’t able to share the day with you, see how private the day was, they’ll understand, and they’ll get to share in the joy you felt on the day by looking at your wedding photos.

The focus when having a micro wedding really does move to the most important thing about the whole wedding itself: two people choosing to form a lifelong, binding union. There is something very special about seeing only closest friends and family present!

If you are planning on a micro wedding and are looking for a documentary wedding photographer to capture your special day, please feel free to get in touch. I would love to hear your wedding day plans!

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