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April, 2019


Okay, so we didn't quite go for a "Teddy Bears Picnic" today, but we did go for a wonderful walk in the woods.

Myself and Adam visited All Saints Church in our Home Town of Clevedon, a seaside town near Bristol, and went for a long walk through Norton Wood.

The woods were just magical - shady with dappled Sunlight throughout, the smell of pine all around and beautiful birdsong filling the still, calm air. Climbing through the hills, we thought we'd eventually reach a view of some sorts, and we were certainly not disappointed when we reached the summit!

With stunning views over Towns in between Clevedon & Portishead and the sea along the horizon, we felt our inner adventurer wanting to explore and see even more!

A walk is a great opportunity to get out for some alone time, burn off that extra energy with the little ones, let the dog run free or just to spend some quality time together with the family; whatever a walk means to you, it's great to get outdoors. August is a wonderful time to get out walking, although be sure to dress in layers and potentially bring a waterproof with you, this is England after all.

When the light is like this and there's a bit of shade about, it really is the ideal opportunity to capture all of Summer's delights in a Photograph, or two, during your glorious stroll! It doesn't matter if you have "fancy" equipment, a phone or a camera, if you enjoy being creative and want to freeze that moment in time, get practising! There's so much to see, the foliage, trees, animals, whatever takes your fancy really!

I've always loved being outdoors and recording my adventures, Photographing everything in sight, collecting treasures, running down a hill as fast as my legs will carry me - nothing has changed in 20 years. I totally rediscovered my love of taking Photographs when I went travelling with Adam, 5 years ago. Seeing so many stunning places that were so very different to England and wanting to remember the moment forever, really inspired me to capture images that truly reflected the beauty I was seeing on a daily basis. When we got home, I couldn't put the camera down and when I started Photographing people and human interaction, on a regular basis, I knew I was utterly hooked. 

Locations like this inspire me to do more wonderful Family Shoots; my favourite Shoots have been one's in which I follow a Family on their walk. I chat (almost like the auntie that's tagged along), but I get stuck in, capturing those beautiful candids, telling a cheesy joke or two, listening to those wonderful "why" questions from little curious minds and getting down to the whole Family's level (and yes, I don't mind acquiring a grass stained knee, or two, for the perfect Shot) to really see and feel the world as they do. Encouraging exploration, interactions with each other and their landscape, and a whole load of giggles, there's just so many fantastic opportunities for documenting such wonderful memories in an organic and natural way. I really love my job and I'm so excited for the Family Sessions I have booked in for the rest of the year.

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