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November, 2020


Whether you are a Professional Model or just an aspiring hopeful, Model Headshots are the most important thing to add to your portfolio – they are the gateway to your modelling career as your work offers will depend on them. Because of their importance, it is key to prep properly before your shoot, so here are my top 10 tips on how to do so.


Key things to remember before a Professional Headshot Shoot…

  • Be you - The main point to remember is that you want to feel and look your best but it is also really important that you look like you! Both Model Agencies and Clients want to see what you actually look like and tend to prefer a blank canvas that they can project their plans/vision onto and adapt to the look they want to achieve. So, in your photographs, be natural/yourself – you’ll find this will make all the difference in the type/amount of work that is offered to you.

  • Stick with Professional Photographers – Getting a Professional Photographer will not only get you the photographs you deserve, but it’s a fantastic environment to be placed in prior to your work bookings!


& How to Prep for it…


  • Hair – Haircuts apparently take a few weeks to settle in so organise this in advance if you need yours freshening up! Wash hair the evening beforehand and try not to use too many products afterwards.

  • Skin – Of course lots of Professional Photographers can work wonders on Photoshop but it’s most ideal to start with the best possible image straight from camera. Neat eyebrows and clear skin are a great place to start so in the few weeks leading up to your Shoot - do what suits your skin to keep it looking its best or treat yourself to some specialist advice.

  • Teeth – A clean & white smile will make all the difference to your shots but please check in with your dentist for any advice and make sure to be safe using strong whitening products.

  • Hands – Clean up any old nail varnish/cuticles.

  • Other Hair – Facial hair/stubble should be neatened or shaved, go with the natural growth of your hair and if it looks messy/like it shouldn’t be there, best take it off before having your photos taken.

  • Make-up – Minimal make-up can be used to enhance what you’ve already got, ease dark-circles, soften any shine and keep those eyes looking light and awake.

  • Outfit – Try to avoid any “busy” patterns or anything that clashes or detracts from your face. The Agents/Clients are looking at you – not the clothes after all. Neutral/warm tones are key.

  • Accessories – Again a bit like with your outfit, big glasses or vibrant scarfs around the face can really obstruct to the point where it’s difficult to get a mental picture of how you’d look without them!  

  • Poses – Figure out if you have a best side and feel free to google inspiration, your Photographer should really help you with these on the day, but it’ll do wonders for your confidence/any nerves to feel a little prepared going into it. You don’t want to be staring blankly into the lens – there should be a strong message coming from your eyes, which conveys something about your character. A good Photographer will spot and capture this!

  • General Self Care – Drink plenty of water (it’ll keep the skin looking plump and fresh), try to avoid alcohol in the few days leading up to your shoot, have a restful night and try to have some food beforehand – modelling is hard work and needs lots of concentration.


The most important thing is to try and enjoy the experience. It sounds like a lot of prep, but you deserve the best chance for a successful start to your career.

I had a lovely afternoon working with Josephina and if you’re interested in booking this style of shoot please get in touch here.

Headshots in Autumn
Headshots in Autumn in Surrey
Headshots in Autumn at Horsell Common


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