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Documentary Wedding Photography

August, 2019


When July starts to come to an end, I always get so excited, because this means… lavender photo sessions! Although July and August can be the busiest time of the year for me, with the peak of wedding season in full swing, my photography sessions in the lavender fields are not to be missed!

I usually shoot at Mayfield Lavender and get a photography pass for the whole day.

Mayfield Lavender is proud to pioneer the revival of Lavender growing in the traditional home of Lavender in the UK.  We started our project 2002 and opened to the public for the first time in 2006.  We are very proud that we grow our Lavender on one of the same fields where it was originally grown in the 18th and 19th centuries.  100 years ago, Banstead and surrounding areas were home to a thriving industry which supplied companies such as Yardley, Potter & Moore and others who were famous across the globe.  Lavender was a premium product, but sadly, as suburbia encroached and Lavender went out of fashion, the miles and miles of beautiful blue fields disappeared. Until recently, that is! Mayfield Lavender has not only revived appreciation of lavender, but has brought organic farming to the tradition, making Mayfield Lavender the largest organic lavender farm in the UK, certified by the Soil Association.”

A question I often get asked, by families prior to their shoot, is, how do I pose for photos? So, here are a few tips on how, I personally, work on capturing those beautiful, natural moments that unfold between you and your family/loved ones.

  • No cheese – I’m always chasing natural interactions and unposed “in-between” moments. I love authentic expressions and smiles, so for our shoot, no cheese is needed.

  • No “all eyes on me” – It’s so much easier for my couples/parents to look lovingly at each other and/or the kids, than to look at me sometimes and that’s absolutely fine and even preferred, it often creates laughs. I mean, try looking seriously at your other half – how long can you last without breaking into a giggle!?

  • Nothing forced – Please don’t stress if the kids get fussy, I’ve seen it all before, and we’ll still be able to get beautiful shots, they’ll pick up on your energy so if you’re feeling light-hearted and relaxed they’ll settle in and play quite comfortably! Be present with your family and leave the rest up to me.

  • No rigidity – We’ll move, play, change location or two, I’ve done this enough times to pick on stagnant vibes, just relax into it.

  • No seriousness – Tickle, snuggle, laugh – my three favourite words and three things to really help me capture those raw emotions and real moments!

Meg took photos of my little nephew in the lavender fields - she was so lovely, great with Eli, we had a great time, and she took some beautiful Photos! Would highly recommend! Xxx.” - Molly.

“Couldn’t be happier with Megan’s photos of my three girls, she even managed to get multiple images of my two-year-old who doesn’t like photos smiling, all beautiful images, natural and relaxed - thank you, Meg.” – Emma.


If you’re interested in booking a lavender photoshoot, please look here to let me know more details.

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