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May, 2021


I finally shot my first branding shoot of the year recently, and it definitely didn't disappoint! Following an amazing lavender branding session with Millie Jane Franks, (an R'n'B/soul singer & songwriter) last year, (see here) she got in touch to book again!

With 2021 being the "big come back year" Millie was after some new and fresh branding images/content for her website and social media platforms.

Millie and I, as always, discussed the styles, poses and general aesthetic that she was after, and the bluebell woods felt like the perfect fit. 

This all got me thinking, generally my "how-tos" go down really well, and a few years (or so) ago “branding photography” was a relatively new concept to me too! So I thought, why not create a guide for any business wondering how to go about finding themselves the right Photographer to capture and showcase their visual presence online!

Finding the Right Brand Photographer for YOU...

  • Connection - I always ALWAYS say relaxed photographs make for the best photographs. Gelling with your photographer is absolutely key. If you find a photographer whose work you love, there's no harm in calling them for a chat or arranging a virtual meet up to get to know one another a little better before deciding to book your shoot with them! It's also really worth asking how much, or how little input they'll have in capturing you and your business, so think about what sort of questions you need answering and the level of guidance you'd like, before having this chat with them - it'll help you to gauge if you can really get the most out of your branding shoot with them!

  • Location, Location, Location - It's so important that your photographer can get you to a visual spot that will represent you and your business. If you find a photographer you really like that isn't based in your area, it's always worth asking if they will travel to you, meet you half way or help you scout locations that suit your business visually. You'll find that most photographers will be more than willing to travel all over the country (and if travel costs DO apply... it'll be worth it in the long run!)

  • Portfolio & Reviews - Make sure to check a photographers' portfolio thoroughly, you'll get a feel for their work pretty quickly! It's also key to read the reviews left on Google/their own review page to see how others have found working with them. Images speak for themselves, but it’s always good to triple check!

  • Packages & Pricing - Of course, your budget will play a major factor in which branding photographer you book. They'll need to fall within your budget, but it's important to note that this IS a MASSIVE investment into the future of your business, so ‘cheap’ won’t necessarily benefit you/your business in the long run.  

I had SO much fun working with Millie, as always, and it felt utterly wonderful to be able to get her the shots that she loved and will use everywhere to reflect her business at the level that it deserves! (see below)

If you’re interested in booking a branding photoshoot with me, please look here for more details.

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