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December, 2017


So, as the year comes to an end, I wanted to share how I enjoy spending the Christmas months, that I love so dearly, for anyone who may be interested.

Anyone who knows me, will tell you that when it comes to gift giving, I collect items throughout the year or in some cases (years!), basically when and if I see something perfectly suited to that person. I then leave a few last minute shopping bits i.e. perishables, particular on trend/current items, or requested goodies, for some time in late November/early December! By shopping in this way the "stress", that can be associated with a potentially over consumerist time of the year, is completely avoided and I can still experience a small and enjoyable part of the shops at Christmastime with no added pressure of a big wish list!

In November, I organise all the aforementioned gifts, that I've usually had stored in Mum's loft, (sorry Mum!), making sure the groupings look just right for each person and then I'll tweak my spreadsheet, if needed. I'm aware I now sound rather... intense (to put it politely), but as I buy these items throughout the year, I'll add them to the list, to keep a record, keep track of funds and to avoid over buying. Anyway, if you're still with me... (I'm sure my love for Christmas/organisation is now becoming evermore apparent) I then check in with the list, in case I've missed something or need to get other things. A little tip too, I usually buy my wrapping paper in the January sales and make sure it's not covered in glitter, so it can be recycled! 

I shoot "Christmas Mini's" in November too so that, come December time, I can have the images edited and ready for Families to send out! I absolutely love setting up these gorgeous Shoots and the kids really get into it too, with the help of a few props... see here and please do get in touch here if you're interested in booking one!

As December starts to creep up I'm usually ready to wrap most things and on December 1st we do the tree, with Christmas music playing in the background (sorry Adam & David - I've usually been playing it for weeks at this point). I really feel the lack of light and vitamin D in the Winter and having twinkly Christmas lights up totally combats this too! I also send out all of my cards on December 1st, I feel in this sense, I channel my inner Pam here a little, see here ("Gavin & Stacey" fans will know, whoops!).

The lead up to Christmas is spent eating good food, listening to festive music, visiting Christmas Markets, giving back where we can, watching a bit of rubbish telly, playing "Monoploy" (or usually losing, in my case) and taking many beautiful fresh country walks and making memories.

As the Year comes to an end, I wanted to share some of my festive images from December,  I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and here's to the LAST Blog Post for 2018!

For a 2020 Christmas update please visit this page.

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