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March, 2021


In March of this Year, Adam and I celebrated 12 years spent together! We visited Castle Combe, a quintessentially British Town based on the outskirts of The Cotswolds. The Cotswolds consits of a range of rolling hills and Traditional English Towns and Villages, just like the one we visited. With 800 square miles stretching over Five Counties, The Cotswolds cover a rather large and beautiful area of the U.K.!

We had the whole day to explore, which I would highly recommend setting aside if you can, and we timed our visit on a weekday, so we practically had the place to ourselves! 

Castle Combe is neatly nestled away in the countryside of Gloucestershire, just on the edge of ChippenhamThe Bybrook area encompasses the gorgeous Village, seen in images below, where we visited! There's a paid parking area at the top of the hill, which is just a short walk away from the Town itself and where we left our car, but, on our way down to the Village we saw a handful of free spaces along the hillside, IF you get there in time!


 With thatched roofs, tiny cottage doors, an Ancient Market Square & Traditional Post Office, the smell of wood burner in the air and smoke blowing out of the chimneys - I felt as if we'd been transported to another world! A beautiful river and bridge run through the Town too, and it's one of the most picturesque places I've ever seen!


Unsurprisingly Castle Combe has been used as a backdrop to a handful of Period Dramas, such as Agatha Christie's "Poirot", "War Horse" and the Original "Dr Dolittle"!

We took lots of gorgeous Photographs of the Town and mooched around for a while before venturing on a Two-Hour walk through the rolling hills and countryside. 

We genuinely had the most splendid time and even picked up a cheeky Brownie (or Two) before we left! We got our Brownies from a quaint little "Teahouse Stall" and saw an "Honesty Policy" set up next to it.  One could buy anything from edible goodies, like cakes and eggs, to potted plants & books from this stall and in return for your goods you simply pop your money through the letterbox! I just loved how trusting and quaint it all was, not something you see much of nowadays either! 

Visually Castle Combe, and The Cotswolds in general, makes for a Photographers' absolute dream, from its "Chocolate Box" perfect feel, to its lack of 21st Century detailing (which is often not as Photogenic... i.e. yellow lines, satellite dishes - you name it!) and I already can't wait to go back and explore. I've also heard that "Harry Potter" was filmed in certain parts of the Cotswolds too - as if I needed more incentive to return!

A Town almost frozen in time... I would 10000% recommend visiting!

This Month also saw Adam and I exploring Gloucester a little further due to my lovely mum & D moving to Monmouth earlier in the Year. They wanted to show us the new beauty spots they'd stumbled upon (as you do when you move to a new area) and they DEFINITELY did NOT disappoint! 

 Offa’s Dyke Path, a 177-mile walking Trail, was opened in the summer of 1971 and links Sedbury Cliffs with the town of Prestatyn."It passes through no less than eight different counties and crosses the border between England and Wales over 20 times". The Trail passes through the Brecon Beacons National Park on the spectacular Hatterrall Ridge. In addition, it links no less than Three Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty – The Wye Valley, The Shropshire Hills and The Clwydian Range/Dee Valley."

We only spent an hour or so exploring the area, but we managed to find the narrow pillar of limestone, on The Offa's Dyke Path, which had magnificent views over Tintern Abbey (and can be seen in my images below), it was definitely another must-see!

I can't wait to do even more exploring!

Castle Combe
Country Walk at Offas Dyke
Summer Blossom
Landscape Photography at Offas Dyke
Exploring Castle Comb
Stunning Views from Offas Dyke
A walk in the Cotswolds


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