January & February, 2019

Hello and Happy New Year (if it's not too late to say so)! This is my first blog post of 2019 and lots has changed for me/ "Megan McAdam Photography".

In January my other half and I moved in together!! WOOHOO! My family home, relatives and general existence, for all of my 24 years, has been based in (or very close to) Surrey. I studied at Kingston University and completed my degree - enjoying the student lifestyle whilst being comfortably close to home.

In March 2009 (when I was just 14) myself and my boyfriend started our relationship, having bonded over our opinions on the bullies in our year 7 tutor group - ah memories. In January 2019, following a job offer he received in Bristol, Somerset - we decided after 10 years together, that now was the time to "officially" leave the nest and move in together! 

Since moving, we've taken our time to adjust to our new surroundings and decorate/make a home out of our lovely new flat and we've been LOVING it. These images capture our first explore of Clevedon/The (famous) Pier.


I look forward to exploring more of the beautiful South West soon and compiling a more detailed list of all of my favourite places to visit - once I'm less of newbie!