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Documentary Wedding Photography

March, 2019


I love March as a time of year. The weather is starting to get a little warmer, the days longer and the colours brighter. Everything is beginning to bloom and flourish, and it just feels like we have a lovely new lease of life. 

It's a wonderful time of the year for me personally, too. Wedding season has not quite begun, but it's late enough in the year that I've had time to do the much needed "yearly updates" - new & fresh website details, pricing tweaks and new products for my couples & clients. Basically... I've had time to reflect on what worked well and to put the necessary tools in place to keep improving and striving for better. I also celebrate a few of my friends' birthdays and share my anniversary with Adam in this month. This year, we will have been together for 10 wonderful years. Time really does fly when you're constantly laughing with your best friend.  

Another thing I absolutely love about this time of year is that Easter/the Easter holidays are imminent! Pastel colours, daffodils, baby lambs, spring flowers – it’s just a beautiful time of year and a wonderful opportunity to have some family photos.

After a previous blog post, How to prep for a family photoshoot received some really lovely feedback, I thought I’d pick up on the most discussed point, and one I get asked a lot about, out of the six aforementioned mentioned, and that’s “outfits”. Today I want to delve into this point a little deeper, so here are "Five pointers on dressing for a family shoot..."

  • Weather – We can check this up until the very last second and any preliminary “April Showers” that may creep in, are not going to stop us! If you plan to layer or plan for rain and/or shine – you’ll have the freedom to be flexible and comfortable.

  • Coordination – The whole “jeans and a matching t-shirt” look is a little bit of an outdated one. Earth tones and neutrals work, along with seasonal soft spring vibes, think of a complimentary colour palette and see/scroll below for examples of this.

  • Undergarments – Whilst I have skills and experience when using Photoshop, editing out undergarment lines or a bra strap are difficult and take time, it's something worth thinking about for sure!

  • Comfort – As I always say, comfortable shoes that allow for interaction are key. I also highly recommend wearing something you are able to move around in comfortably. A medium or long length dress or skirt, as opposed to tight restrictive jeans (if this represents you of course) can help me to capture movement and create flattering images.

  • Accessories - Hats, headbands, chunky scarves, a floaty skirt, a brolly - they create visual interest, keep your hands busy and allow for movement within your images, don’t be afraid to dress up a little!

This was my first year offering "Easter mini’s", and it was a real joy! I even witnessed a little one eating his very first ever "Crème Egg" – it was amazing! If you’re interested in booking a mini Easter session and/or a family shoot, please look here for more details.

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Family Portraits at Easter Time
Family Portraits at Easter Time in Somerset
Family Photography in Surrey at Easter
Relaxed Family Photography in Surrey at Easter
Sweet Family Portraits at Easter time at Horsell Common, Surrey
Sweet Family Portraits at Easter time
Mum & Daughter Sweet Easter Portraits
Mum & Daughter Sweet Easter Portraits in Mendip, Somerset
Family Portraits at Easter Time in Mendip
Sisters at Easter Time
Fun Family Portraits at Easter Time in Surrey
Fun Family Portraits at Easter Time
Sweet Family Portraits at Easter Time in Surrey
Sweet Family Portraits at Easter Time


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