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Documentary Wedding Photography

September, 2020


This question is not only discussed when referring to posed newborn photography; the kind that has a baby curled up into adorably intricate poses in props or against backdrops, but also with any kind of newborn photography inquiry I receive.


It’s been widely published that newborns should be photographed at under 14 days/2 weeks, and as strictly as “less than 10 days, or it’s not possible”. Hold on, sorry… what!? I’ve since gone through all of my website’s wording to make sure that it was evident that I would never refuse a baby because they were “too old”.


Why the 10-Day rule for newborn photography?


A newborn has nearly 300 bones & cartilage pieces, which after that 10-14-day period, or 2-week mark, start to fuse together into calcified bone, which makes it much harder for them to return to that in-the-womb position they’ve been in for the last 9 months. If you’re after posed photographs with “that look” it has to be said that it will definitely be much more comfortable for them to be moulded into that position whilst they still have the luxury of pure flexibility. However, every baby is different, and I’ve loved doing more relaxed shoot formats with babies who are also able to move a little more and interact with their parents.


Does age really make THAT much of a difference in photographs?


Obviously, the difference between a 2-day new, 2 weeks new, and 2-month new baby is HUGE, but the images can still be beautiful regardless, and each stage is lovely in its own right!


All things aside, it takes a great photographer to be able to beautifully photograph newborns and babies. It takes an even greater talented (and patient) photographer to capture fussy babies, no matter the age. You can end up with a fussy “prime-time” baby and a perfect sleeper baby who would, may otherwise, be referred to as being “too old” and in actual fact babies are never too old to be photographed.


There are many benefits to not having elaborately posed setups when you’re still adjusting to your new baby, i.e. I can capture beautiful portraits of a baby that is starting to get its little personality and portraits of you all together as a family without feeling like the birth is so fresh in your mind you still don’t feel/look like yourselves, (although, of course, it has to be said that mum & dad, you’ll always be gorgeous to your baby, you can even book in a hair appointment to give you that extra bit of confidence or a barbers' appointment for dad, before having your photographs taken).


Simply put, as long as everyone is comfortable and either, has their own mobility, or can be mobile with the help of others, no age is off limits within photography!


I met up with Ashleigh, Rob & baby Angus in September for a relaxed outdoor photoshoot as the beautiful autumnal colours started to shine through the landscape, we all had a lovely time and I can’t wait to photograph more gorgeous families soon!


Please get in touch here to book in your very own family session.

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Family Photoshoot in Surrey
Family Photos in Surrey
Family Portraits in Surrey
Relaxed Family Photoshoot in Surrey
Relaxed Family Portraits in Surrey
Documentary Family Photoshoot in Surrey
Documentary Family Photos in Surrey
Documentary Family Portraits in Surrey
Relaxed Family Photos at Horsell Common
Relaxed Family Photoshoot at Horsell Common
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