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October, 2020


Winter is a really lovely time to have family photographs taken. The dark greens and orange tones in the trees, the fresh crisp air and of course, all of the cosy outfits, make for really beautiful imagery. It has to be said however, that British winters can be a little bit… unpredictable shall we say, so here are a few of my tips to help you get through any obstacle that can be thrown at you on a winter family shoot and to help you and your family prep for a successful photoshoot this season.

  • Warmers - It gets nippy out there and little fingers can get really cold. Cute mittens for your children can be lifesavers and look really lovely in photographs. If you have any hand warmers, (the ones that you crack, and they heat up) these can be perfect to bring along for after your shoot too! Obviously warm clothing, scarfs and blankets all go well with the aesthetic in winter images, so please bring’em! Wrapping up in a blanket all together can be so sweet and even if you don't use it in your Family Photos, it’ll keep you warm whilst walking around or whilst certain family members are individually photographed as the others wait on the side-lines.

  • Efficiency - In the winter, I personally make sure to work extra quickly and efficiently so if we have to end your shoot a few minutes early because there are teeth chattering, then we can do so! I’ll always take the most important photographs first, too. With just a little planning (regarding locations, outfits, and the sort of family groupings you are after in your images) the shoot should flow with ease and nobody will even have the time to get cold!

  • Details – Items such as tissues (for snotty/runny noses) or if you have long hair (like me), a hair tie, are details that are really worth thinking about! Bringing such things, as well as baby wipes (I learnt this the hard way at my first year photographing at the pumpkin fields with all the mud!) can be perfect for avoiding any wind/mess winter wants to through at us!

  • Organisation – In the run-up to your shoot, I’ll keep a close eye on the weather forecast, and I expect you might too! Regardless of what the forecast says, I always recommend that we don’t make any decisions until the evening before your shoot. The reason for this is that I find the forecast can change frequently over the course of a week, and a day that is forecast to be rainy in a week’s time, can often be forecast to be a lovely, dry and sunny day, once we reach the day beforehand.

  • Flexibility - If it does look like it’s only going to rain for a short while, we might decide to start a little earlier (for example) but as long as we both have a little bit of flexibility in our diaries, we should be fine! Should the absolute worst happen and your session can’t go ahead as planned, we can reschedule to another date, and we’ll work together to make sure that the solution is something you feel happy with!

  • Props - Props like a clear umbrella are always helpful (I’m never seen without my two one for you and one for me)!

  • Clothing Options – I’ve got a whole blog post on what to wear to a family shoot seen here, but generally layers work all year round!

This lovely shoot took place at Pewley Down on the outskirts of Guildford, Surrey, and although we had a little bit of drizzle, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves right until the very end as we followed the above steps!

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