Documentary Wedding Photography

February, 2019


August can be a really busy time for a Wedding Photographer. It truly is one of my most favourite times of the year. Not only is the weather glorious (usually - I mean, I am based in the U.K.!) but I'm surrounded by so much love during these Summer months.

I really do love this quote and incorporate this ethic into my own work, "It's more important to click with people than to click the shutter" -Alfred Eisenstaedt, and honestly if I didn't click and love my Couples, like they were my own Friends & Family, I wouldn't be able to capture them at their most "them". A Wedding is a truly intimate thing and ultimately, you're surrounded by your most loved ones, so if I can filter in like I belong, taking the time to get to know you both and pull off "stealth mode", then this relaxed atmosphere truly shines through in your Photographs, creating gorgeous candids and it enables me to really capture what it means to be "you" as the amazing Couple you are.

Each Wedding I Shoot is so unique. I've heard my fair share of beautiful and individual Wedding speeches, and the more it reflects you both as a Couple the more us Photographers lap up every delicious second of it all. This is why it's so important for me to come to each Wedding completely fresh and utterly excited for my wonderful Couples' day.

I want to Photograph my Weddings, Family get-togethers and everything in-between completely recharged - my eyes, my body, and my mind. Something about being in the outdoors, in natural light, exploring a new place, makes me feel so calm and creative. Do you find this too? It's very easy to neglect taking the time to sit back and absorb all the wonderful things, and in making the time to do this, it definitely makes me feel so unbelievably lucky to do the job that I do.

So when I can squeeze in a 30-minute walk, I'll make time to give my eyes a rest, refocus and take it all in. Wedding Season can be so busy, it's important to take a step back, or I find it goes oh so quickly and I want to enjoy every minute.

 After doing a bit of research on areas that we were yet to visit in our new home, Somerset, we hopped in the car for about 20 minutes, and we stumbled upon Backwell Lake & Lighthouse in Portishead, and absolutely loved the different landscapes.

It has it all... On the Sunny day we visited, the water glistened, the wind softly blew the willow trees, the fields were lively with Family cricket games, and the smell of the sea filled the air. I felt utterly refreshed after our visit, which I think is so important.

Once we had walked around the lake (where you can even rent a pedalo), we explored yet another stunning Coastline & Lighthouse. I'd highly recommend a visit! As soon as I got in the car I was ready & raring to continue the most epic Wedding Season yet, and for the start of my next Photographic adventure. 

Beautiful English Country Lake
English Countryside Lake & Willow Trees
South West Coastline
Somerset Coastline Portishead & Clevedon
Portishead & Clevedon Coastline & Views
English Sandy Somerset Beach & Costal Views


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