Documentary Wedding Photography

November, 2019


Megan McAdam is a first-rate Photographer who pays great attention to the details which are important to you. She is an outstanding artist and documented our Wedding in a stunning and beautiful style. On the day she was so discreet and unobtrusive that we hardly noticed her! When the Wedding Photographs came through, my wife and I were overjoyed at all the little details she captured and in true documentary/journalistic style, all of the candid images beautifully capture the spirit of joy that was our wedding day. Megan's extremely high-quality Photographs will stay with us for the rest of our lives, and we will have many fond years looking back at the very real moments she captured. If you are looking for a Wedding Photographer, don't even think twice! You've found her and you won't find better.” Vinny & Amy.

Documentary Wedding Photography
Documentary Wedding Photography in South West
Documentary Wedding Photography in Bath
Documentary Wedding Photography in Somerset

Vinny and I first touched base online and had a cracking chat over the phone about his Wedding plans to marry the lovely Amy. We arranged to meet at a charming little coffee shop in Bath. It was so wonderful to meet them both in person and it honestly felt like having a catch up with friends.

After lots of chatting (sorry guys!) we walked over to their Church and discussed entrance doors, Flash Photography etc... all the nitty-gritty details, that if organised prior to the big day, can make for a smooth flowing setup, and my couple knowing I’ve got it all covered. I always want to be as unobtrusive as possible during a Wedding and (I know, I know, I always say this, but…) it’s especially important during my couple’s ceremony. My aim is to make sure I’m not taking anything away from your guests/loved one’s experience and being respectful in a place of worship is the goal.

Vinny and Amy’s review and kind words may have been the sweetest I’ve ever received and their family and friends welcomed me with open arms. I also worked with the loveliest Videographer (see her link here) and we really made a good team.

Amy and Vinny had a religious and wonderful ceremony, followed by the coolest car journey to my favourite park in Bath for their “Family and Group shots”. Their “Couple Shots” are some of my absolute favourite to have captured, and they were evidently so in love. It was beautiful and emotional and also lovely for me to see in film format too, thanks to Nicola!

After their “Family and Couple Shots” taken in the centre of Bath, we headed back to their Church for their Reception, which was an utterly lovely way to do it and something that I’d never seen before, but that I’ll definitely now be recommending!

Amy wore a traditional gown from Vinny and his families’ heritage and looked absolutely breath-taking. Candles flickered as heart-felt speeches and loving stares between the couple continued throughout the evening.

If I could do it all again – I really would! I’d love to catch up with this couple who were so lovely (inside and out). I blooming love my job!

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Candid Wedding Guest Photography South West
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