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Documentary Wedding Photography

August, 2020


Jen first contacted me through my website, enquiring about an outdoor, distanced family shoot, ideally local to her home, in Clevedon, North Somerset.

After discussing the details of the shoot, a little more, we both realised we’d been living here in Clevedon, for roughly the same amount of time and had both found ourselves very lucky to call this beautiful seaside town our home. With ample stunning spots to choose from, we discussed where they usually walked as a family and where would be buggy friendly (thinking practically has its advantages)!

After a relaxed chat and a little bit of planning, everything came together and one morning in August, I joined them on one of their regular walks for a family photoshoot. It rained the entire time (which I’ve never let stop me!) but everyone seemed content nonetheless, including the little ones (which is always key!)

The kids were very happy exploring for the duration of the shoot and Jen & her husband were familiar with the scenery, which made for the perfect example of a family photoshoot that required very little direction from me. This family just got on with their morning walk, almost as if I wasn’t there, which is how I’d always recommend conducting any family photoshoot. I simply observed and composed my shots along the way. As a documentary/relaxed family photographer this, in my opinion, is by far the best way to capture any family as their authentic selves, just as they are, with all of those little moments that matter.

The shoot went by so quickly as the family of four had a wonderful time playing with leaves, blowing bubbles and frolicking around whilst I snapped away. I believe the best photos of children (and adults for that matter) are taken when they are completely immersed in doing something, they all enjoy, together.  

As well as, “Where shall we do the photoshoot?” I often get asked…  "How long is the correct/optimum duration for a family photoshoot?!".

  • Of course, shoot location totally depends on the look you are after but, like in this shoot, it definitely has its perks to pick somewhere you’re familiar with, as you and the whole family will feel more at ease if you’re more accustomed to your surroundings.

  • I’d say between 15 minutes (if I’ve worked with you before) to 1 hour is the ideal time for a family shoot. I give this range, as family numbers and age of family members will make a difference to timings, as well as wanting different backdrops/family groupings etc.

I’ve always worked in a way that allows for planning and questions to be asked and answered so that on the day of our shoot, we can all just crack on and you, and your family, can really get the most out of it!

Have a nosey at the outcome of this gorgeous shoot below to see my natural approach to family photography. If you’re interested in booking your family in for a shoot, please feel free to get in touch here.

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