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April, 2020


Last Year I wrote some Blog Posts on Branding Photography including Reasons why Personal Branding Photography Can Help your Business” see here and “Why I’ll be Shooting more Branding Sessions and Some Tips on Getting Started!” see here. This Year I had the wonderful opportunity of Photographing Hettie “The Floral PA”.

Hettie is such a smiley, bubbly and lovely young woman! After studying “Performing Arts” at University, Hettie went on to join “The Wedding Academy” where she studied “Floral Design/Wedding Styling”. Her love for Interior Design and Art shine through in her work and Floral Arrangements.

As of 2020, and with a clean slate, Hettie wanted to really focus on building a brand that attracted her ideal Clients. With time to reflect and reconnect on what was important to her, Hettie engaged in her love for, not only, creating Floral Arrangements for Weddings/Clients, but for creating them within the home too.

With a goal to…

  • Help others create peaceful and beautiful spaces within their homes in a mindfulness-orientated way

  • Lend her knowledge on environmentally friendly lifestyle choices


  • Motivate anyone and everyone with her can-do attitude

Hettie reached out to discuss the details of her very own Branding Photography Shoot.

My Job was made easy with a Client who knew all of the aforementioned steps (see my previous blog posts for more details) i.e.… understanding the story she wanted to tell and thinking of all the basics, like making a plan for the types of Photographs/imagery she wanted and finding a location that reflected and represented her/her Business most effectively.   

Then came my favourite part, Photographing Hettie. My job, as a Branding Photographer, is to shoot in a way that encapsulates all that a Business is trying to say and to reflect and represent it accurately. Building trust, interaction and connection with an audience in this way (through Professional Imagery) is key to attracting Ideal Clients.

So, for anyone who’s got their Branding Photography vision all locked down, here are a few tips on how to put it all into practice on the day of your shoot…

  • Expression – We all love images where someone looks like they are really laughing, right? Chances are, they actually were, usually in what I like to call, those “in-between moments”. This is easily done, even if you’re faking it at the start, search for “Laughing Yoga” and you’ll see what I mean!

  • Form – When we’re sitting in our favourite chair relaxing, we don’t always look our most “photogenic”, understandably! However, when you’re aiming for “relaxed photographic vibes” you want to appear comfortable, but in reality, be “active” in your posture. Keep that spine straight and watch those shoulders, we often hold tension there!

  • Props/Actions – It’s not uncommon to have no idea about what to do with your hands, especially when a camera is pointing at you, I’m guilty of this too! To combat this, use items within your images, that you wish to identify with your Business/vibe, e.g. herbal tea, like Hettie did! Also, if you want to write/type/drink in your shot, actually do it! Just like the laughing shots, it’ll look more authentic this way.

It was an absolute joy to work with Hettie in my home town, Clevedon, earlier this year, and if you’re interested in booking a Branding Photoshoot please look here for more details.

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