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May, 2018


May really is one of my favourite times of the Year. With Wedding Season in full swing I took full advantage of the extra free day that we had this weekend, ah the joy of a Bank Holiday. I wasn't Shooting a Wedding on Monday and had the perfect opportunity to get out into the fresh air.

There is something so unbelievably wonderful about capturing people, their expressions, their emotions and their interactions amongst one another as they naturally unfold, it is a challenge that I really grab with both hands! When I first started Photographing people it definitely took some getting used to. To be as unobtrusive and subtle as possible, in order to authentically and honestly Capture those beautiful candid moments, (which, in my opinion make for the most stunning Pictures), undoubtedly takes some practice!  But having had many Years to perfect the skill, which is extremely important to me and the way in which I work, I tell you... that feeling, of freezing the most wonderful moment in time, capturing it well and without being seen to be doing so... is utterly addictive and I now crave every opportunity in which I get to capture those moments.

This being said, getting outdoors and looking at landscapes and nature really does help me to stay fresh and focused, enabling me to best shoot those important human connections. With such beautiful Spring weather, and a free day on my hands, I had no excuse but to get out with my camera and to explore the beautiful place in which I live - Surrey. I visited the town of Wisley, went for a gorgeous walk by the river, and spent a lot of time soaking up the newly sprung Spring flowers in my lovely Mum's garden.

Wisley really is your quintessentially British little village town. With R.H.S. Wisley Gardens, "The Anchor pub" (the river in the images below runs alongside this), Dunsborough Park, The picturesque high-street with... "The Sweet Passion Cake shop", "The Talbot Inn", "Bell'Amico Café", "The Pantry delicatessen", and "The Clock House" - there's plenty to see and do and it's definitely worth exploring if you're in the area.

I find days like this, ambling along without a plan or purpose just soaking up all that the natural World has to offer, the mumble of the bees, the smell of freshly cut grass, the soft breeze in the air, the sight of Spring, the dappled light on the rivers' path as it twinkles through the tree branches. I felt calm, peaceful and collected. The textures, the colours, the reflections, this walk was an utter treat for the senses.

Taking the time to stop and absorb everything means Wedding Season doesn't go by in the blink of an eye and I get to soak up and savour every beautiful moment, before it's time to do it all again next Year, yay! 

I hope you all had a lovely one, whatever you got up to, I certainly did. Until next time (see here).


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