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March, 2020


I recently had my first Family Event of the year to Photograph. I always love getting back into Family Photography after a quiet catch-up month at the start of each year.


Sylvia turned 70 this March and her lovely Husband Jeff booked me to Photograph her celebration. Their Daughters, in-laws, friends and gorgeous Grandchildren all gathered at Walton Park Hotel in Clevedon for an evening of present giving, socialising, cake cutting and enjoying a delicious meal and drinks together. The Hotel showcases two-acre landscaped gardens and views of Clevedon Pier/Seafront, the Welsh Rolling Hills and the epic Celtic Coastline, making for the most gorgeous backdrop especially with the beautiful sunset that we had on the day of Sylvia’s celebration!


“We have now opened the packaging for the album… it is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!  Sylvia loves it! Thank you so much, you are a real star. We have both been reflecting on the fact that we were so blessed to have managed to get our special weekend in just before the lockdown.  AND we were also so blessed that just at the moment when you came to take the photos, the evening sun emerged from underneath the clouds, and the lighting in the photos is so perfect. Sylvia sends a big thank you from her personally, and she says that you did a splendid job. We know where to come when we next need a brilliant photographer. Sending you our love and thanks.” - Jeff & Sylvia.

What an absolutely wonderful review!

 It was an honour to be a part of such a special occasion and welcomed with open arms from such a warm and lovely family! I’ve missed capturing love, emotion, interactions – all that comes with such a lovely family dynamic.

It got me thinking about those quiet first few months of the year, and potentially another few months of distanced shoots ahead of me and how my Business will be moving forward in our current climate!

I feel my Landscape Photography really aids my work with families and here’s a few reasons why…

  • It’s just You – Landscape photography allows one no distractions, little to cooperate with and the freedom to shoot the world at our fingertips. Landscapes will always be there, and they are a great stable ground to practice being versatile on.  



  • It Opens up Opportunity – Beauty can be found everywhere and it can also change depending on the weather, light, season etc…there really are endless opportunities even within the same location! I love finding new locations but I also love the challenge of trying to find something new to work with/to shoot, within the same location. Landscapes CAN and DO include people and working “Family Photography” into stunning landscapes can create beautiful harmonies and stunning images in a relaxed and natural environment with room to be creative (for you and your clients!) Shooting landscapes makes me really look at every area of my frame in regard to composition too and it’s a brilliant tool to better my skills across the board. There are also so many fun and creative techniques and opportunities to show your voice through Landscape Photography and beyond.


I’m looking forward to working with many more gorgeous families, fingers crossed, sooner rather than later!

Also, just like Sylvia & Jeff did, if you're interested in ordering one of my Bespoke Albums please get in touch here.

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Relaxed Family Portraits
Relaxed Family Photography
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Husband & Wife 70th Birthday Celebrationin Clevedon
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Family Photography at Walton Park Hote
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Walton Park Family Portraits
Handmade 70th Birthday Cake
70th Birthday Celebrations at Walton Park Hotel in Clevedon
70th Birthday Cake at Walton Park Hotel
70th Birthday Cake at Walton Park Hotel in Clevedon
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70th Birthday Cake at Walton Park Hotel in South West


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