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Documentary Wedding Photography

August, 2021


Happy August Folks!

How are you all doing? Well, I hope!

My August has been so packed with beautiful weddings, maybe more so than any other year previously (thanks again covid-19), but I genuinely wouldn’t have it any other way!

However busy I get in the month of August/during the summer months, I ALWAYS like to schedule in my lavender field shoots – weather permitting, of course! They are popular every year, and you can see why! There really is nothing like them.

Much like blossom season, however, lavender season is also a finite period and can be slightly fickle due to the lovely/unpredictable English weather we have here. I’m always on high lavender alert during these summer months, so that I can pick the perfect time, and week, to book in these gorgeous lavender sessions.

As luck would have it, on the day of the shoot, the weather was perfect and getting there early meant that we had rows upon rows of lavender to ourselves! It was the perfect setting for Clare and her family, to relax, run around in and generally have a fun family outing and photography experience.

When you think of lavender fields, your mind probably instantly wanders to Provence, or at least mine does! But time and time again, I am reminded of the beautiful, almost holiday destination vibes that we have here in the U.K. This was definitely the case when Clare and her family wanted to have their family shoot in the lavender fields in Surrey this August.

I thought I’d give a few tips and tricks (as a veteran) if you’d like your photos with no one else in the background, like these images below

  • Visit on a weekday if you can, although I do want to make a note that we visited on a Saturday in the middle of Summer and still got our beautiful photos despite this, so trust me when I say a weekday isn’t your only chance, just your best.

  • Arrive before or as it opens, or when it’s closing.

  • Be creative and look for an empty row to begin with!

I really enjoyed putting this together, and it was genuinely so SOOO lovely to see such a happy family loving each other and having fun in the summer and beautiful lavender.

So please, sit back, take a deep breath, and smell the lavender. It’s one of the many reasons I love the U.K., for all its hidden (or not so hidden but sometimes overlooked) beauty.

If you’re interested in booking a mini lavender shoot, please get in touch here. Sessions last half an hour (perfect for all ages) and 3 digital images are included in the £60 Session Price. Clare ended up purchasing all the images taken on her shoot (she liked them so much, yay!), which, was around 30 photos, and I sorted a reasonable bulk deal for her (so worth thinking about!). Extra images start at just £2.50 each – so it’s a great activity for all the family!

Until next time!

For my next blog post, please visit here.

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